Conferred November 14, 1968, by Colby President Robert E. L. Strider.

CARL THOMAS ROWAN: Native of Tennessee and graduate of Oberlin College, which you have served as trustee, you entered upon your career in journalism in Minneapolis soon after completing your master’s degree at Minnesota. In two active decades you have distinction both as a newspaperman and as a public servant. The awards you have received as a journalist and as author of several books are many, including the unique achievement of winning the Sigma Delta Chi medallion for unusually fine reporting in three successive years. With your wide experience in analyzing the implications of race relations at home and the delicate problems of international relations in the United Nations and abroad, it is hardly surprising that you were chosen in the span of five years Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, Ambassador to Finland, and head of the United States Information Agency. After these orbital adventures in space unfamiliar to one of your own earlier terrestrial wanderings, you have accomplished re-entry into your original profession as syndicated columnist for the Chicago Daily News and dozens of other newspapers from Honolulu to Portland, Maine. Colby takes pride in welcoming a writer and public-spirited citizen of such varied achievements as the seventeenth Lovejoy Fellow.