Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive officer of the Washington Post Company, Mrs. Graham has been associated with the Post in a number of capacities since 1939. A student at Vassar and a graduate of the University of Chicago, mother of four children, a dedicated professional in the field of journalism, she has become synonymous during the past eighteen months with the fearlessness that characterizes all the publishing and broadcasting enterprises under her authority: the newspaper itself, Newsweek magazine, and a number of radio and television stations. For many weeks the Post worked virtually alone in its effort to uncover the facts about Watergate, and though subjected to vigorous criticism, Mrs. Graham supported her editors and staff from the beginning. As she has observed, the obligation of the press is to transmit knowledge rather than whatever someone decides the public should know. This courage on her part, and skill and dedication on the part of her staff, have brought to the Post two Pulitzer prizes and the University of Missouri Honor Award, and to Mrs. Graham many honors, including the John Peter Zenger Award. Colby is proud to welcome her as twenty-first Elijah Parish Lovejoy Fellow, for her achievement is in the highest tradition of that honorable company.