Conferred March 17, 1975

A native of Scotland who came to the United States at an early age, a graduate of the University of Illinois, Mr. Reston’s first journalistic career involved the Cincinnati Reds and the Associated Press. He joined The New York Times in London in 1939 and moved on to the Washington office in 1945, becoming bureau chief and Washington correspondent in 1953, a post he held for eleven years. Since then he has been associate editor of the Times, executive editor, vice president, and for the past two years a member of the board of directors of The New York Times Company. Now back in Washington he follows his regimen of three columns per week. Since 1968 Mr. and Mrs. Reston have been owners of one of the country’s finest weekly newspapers, The Vineyard Gazette of Edgartown, Massachusetts. Mr. Reston has written three books, twice won the Pulitzer Prize, three times the Overseas Press Award, and dozens of other awards. Through his columns Mr. Reston has become one of the most effective voices of the conscience of our nation, and his sharply discerning analyses of domestic and international issues have guided and influenced the thinking of men and women in the street, on Capitol Hill, and in the White House. For his courage and his craftmanship, his literary skill and his invariable sense of what is important, Colby is proud to welcome James Reston to the honorable company of Lovejoy Fellows.