Conferred November 16, 1978

A graduate of Harvard and the New York University Law School, Mr. Landau has worked for the Associated Press, two great Washington newspapers, and the Department of Justice. Now the Supreme Court correspondent for the Newhouse Newspapers, he is director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press and editor of their publication, The News Media and the Law. One need only glance at this journal to see that its concerns have to do with freedom of information in the United States, whether the issue touches upon the Supreme Court, the Justice Department, the CIA, Wall Street, the Congress, or the county courthouse in West Virginia or Texas. A Nieman Fellow at Harvard in 1968, Mr. Landau has been honored by Sigma Delta Chi and the American Bar Association. In an age when the confidentiality of a reporter’s sources has been questioned in the courts and when one of the nation’s greatest newspapers has been fined and one of its reporters imprisoned on this very issue, it is all the more significant for the Lovejoy Fellowship to be awarded to active proponents of journalistic freedom, in whatever corner of the earth the issue might arise. Colby greets with respect a vigorous defender of the freedom for which, because of a valiant insistence upon it, Lovejoy lost his life.