Conferred November 9, 1984

Editor of the Boston Globe since 1965, Mr. Winship has presided with journalistic skill, tough determination, and unfailing good humor over the transition of that great newspaper from a comfortable family daily commodity to a courageous and crusading force for the improvement of human welfare. Graduate of Harvard, veteran of wartime service with the United States Coast Guard in this country and in France, Mr. Winship began his career with the Washington Post covering politics and urban renewal. A term as secretary to former Senator Leverett Saltonstall of Massachusetts sharpened his taste for politics, and he became Washington correspondent of the Globe. Returning to Boston in 1958 as Assistant Managing Editor, he advanced in seven years to his present position. During his editorship the Globe has taken strong positions in such matters as corruption in local government, a balanced transportation system, improving the judiciary and election laws, improving the economy of the Commonwealth, and protection of the natural resources of New England. During that time the Globe has won five Pulitzer prizes, two of them for investigative reporting, two of them for cartoons, and one for the massive and objective coverage of the Boston school desegregation crisis. Having taken early stands against the Vietnam War and Watergate, theGlobe chose to print the Pentagon Papers, one of three newspapers to be enjoined by the United States Justice Department for so doing. Mr. Winship is active in the American Society of Newspaper Editors, recipient of a Yankee Quill Award of the Academy of New England Journalists, and a member of the Colby Lovejoy Award Selection Committee. We welcome a distinguished public servant as the 1977 Commencement speaker.