Stories about the Lovejoy Convocation appeared in more than 50 newspapers and on television and radio. See below for a selection of articles.

Author Studs Terkel honored as 1st Amendment defender

“Studs Terkel, whose writing and broadcasting since the Great Depression have given ordinary Americans a voice, was honored Sunday for his contributions to journalism. The 92-year-old Pulitzer Prize winner was not able to attend the formalities at Colby College, but said in a video produced for the occasion that while ‘I’m far from humble … I accept the award with honor.'”

-Associated Press (Boston Globe)

Lovejoy Award Recipient ‘did history from the bottom up’

In a video-acceptance speech, Studs Terkel, who was unable to attend the Lovejoy Convocation for health reasons, celebrated the honor of abolitionist Elijah Parish Lovejoy, a Colby alumnus who died defending his printing press. Terkel lambasted John Ashcroft, comparing the Patriot Act to the Salem Witch Trials, and concluded by accepting the award with honor.

-Morning Sentinel

Journalists discuss value of diversity

Two national newspaper editors and one columnist debated definitions of diversity and the value of focusing on race, skin color, gender, and sexual orientation over intellectual pursuits and life experience. The panel, sponsored by The Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement, was moderated by the center’s director, L. Sandy Maisel.

-Morning Sentinel