Services Provided by the IMC

  • Scanning of analog print or photo materials up to 11x17 in., including photos, slides, and documents.

  • Digitization of analog audio cassette tape to mp3 or audio CD

  • Digitization of analog audio LP to mp3 or audio CD

  • Conversion of VHS tape to DVD

  • Creation of digital clips (Quicktime, iMovie project) from MiniDV, VHS, or DVD

  • DVD copying

  • Poster printing (please click here for poster printing guidelines - do not drop poster files off at the IMC!)

  • VHS format changes (PAL to NTSC)

  • Recording high quality audio in a sound isolation booth. The sound booth is a small soundproofed room in the IMC equipped with digital recording software and hardware.

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IMC Guidelines

Conversion and copying services must be conducted within the constraints of copyright law. The IMC cannot copy or convert materials for which permission has not been granted. Faculty members may be asked to obtain permission from the copyright holder or the opinion of the Director of Libraries before a conversion or copy can be made.

The IMC is for academic project use only and cannot accomodate requests for personal projects. For all projects, please expect and plan for at least a 48-hour turnaround time; projects are completed on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Video Editing

The IMC has five video-editing stations running Apple's Final Cut software which are available for approved projects. Please contact Qiuli Wang for more information.