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Firefox + Japanese

Mozilla Firefox is an open source web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation. One of the features that makes it very useful as a tool for learning Japanese is an extension called Moji. First load any page containing Japanese text, such as the Asahi Shinbun. Then activate Moji by clicking on the icon in the upper left of the Firefox window. After the page reloads, you can place your pointer over any kanji or kanji compound and moji will automatically provide the kana reading, and the meaning in english in a tool-tip window. pretty cool.

To install this program on your computer (Windows, Mac or Linux):

  1. Download and install Firefox
  2. launch Firefox
  3. from the menu bar, select Tools > Extensions > Get More Extensions
  4. in the new page that loads, choose the All category for version 0.9.x
  5. find and install the extension called JSLib
  6. find and install the Moji extension, either from the Firefox extensions page, or from the Moji website.
  7. relaunch and try out your new tool

This program is currently running on LRC computers, and Colby students are encouraged to come to the lab to try Moji. Tech support for Moji and Firefox extensions can also be found in the LRC, Lovejoy 404.