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MPEG-4 Configuration

The newer LRC streaming media files (MPEG-4) may require the user to make the following changes on their computer for reliable viewing.

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One of the best features of MPEG-4 is its ability to deliver high-quality streaming content regardless of which type of media player (Quicktime, Windows Media, Real) is installed and assigned as the default player on your computer. However, as Windows Media Player and the RealOne Player may require a plugin from Envivio (free download) to display LRC media files properly, Quicktime (free download) is still the simplest solution, and the program recommended by the LRC.

A slight drawback to MPEG-4 is that it requires the newest versions of the above players that some older systems may not be able to handle. Again, QuickTime is the best choice, in that version 6 can be installed on computers running Mac OS 8.6 and Windows 98.

These media players will compete with each other on your computer by vying for default file associations and MIME types that you agree to during installation. For example RealOne might try to play all media files by default, and override the others. Fortunately, configuring post-installation, which consists of verifying associations of the desired player and removing them from the others, is not difficult. Follow the instructions below to configure Quicktime as your default media player. Students who would prefer to use another media player should first download the Envivio plugin, and come to the LRC for configuration help, if needed.

Media Player Configuration:
These instructions are for setting QuickTime as default, and the screenshots are taken from a Mac running OSX. However the terminology and menu layout will be similar on other operating systems and players:

Mac OSX:
Quicktime Player > Preferences > Quicktime Preferences > Plug-In > MIME Settings
(launch Quicktime) Edit > Preferences > Quicktime Preferences > Browser Plug-in > MIME Settings

(de-)Configuring RealOne Player


real player screenshot 1. Disassociate RTSP with RealOne by selecting Preferences > Media Types and unchecking the box labeled "always play with RealOne Player".


Configuring QuickTime player

qt menu screenshot 2. Launch QuickTime Player.


3. From the menu bar select Preferences > QuickTime Preferences

qt plugin screenshot 4. Choose the Plug-In tab.

5.Click on the button for MIME settings.
qt mime type screenshot 6. Choose Streaming movies (specifically the RTSP protocol) and MPEG to always play in Quicktime. You need not choose any other file types (i.e. there's no reason to open still image files in QuickTime).

7. test your settings on a page with streaming media. Come to the LRC with any problems.