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Voice Recording + Email

step 1: recording voice in the lab

  1. Launch Audio Recorder from the dock.
  2. Click on the Record button.
  3. Speak into the microphone affixed to the side of the Mac. You can tell that the mic is working by the red bar moving back and forth in the application window. If it's not working, seek out one of the LRC Assistants.
  4. Click on the Stop button.
  5. The program will automatically name the file with a long numerical string (the date, etc.). Change the filename to yourname.mp3 (no spaces).
  6. Click on the Save button. Make sure to save the file to the Desktop.
  7. Quit Audio Recorder.

step 2: sending an e-mail attachment

webmail screenshot
webmail screenshot
  1. Launch web browser.
  2. Go to email.colby.edu/ and click on the link for the secure version of IMP.
  3. Enter your Colby username and password.
  4. Compose an email to your professor, and click on the Browse button at the bottom of the compose message window. Navigate the directory of the local hard drive and choose your file.
  5. A pathname to the file now appears in the compose message window, but it is not actually attached until you click on the Attach button.
  6. Send message.