The final movie clip, Les Rues de Dakar, lacks narration. Your assignment is to download the entire clip from this page, import the file into a video editor like Apple's iMovie, and add a voice track (...bien sûr en Français!).

To complete the assignment:

  1. Download and unzip the file (277MB)
  2. Watch the clip at least once through
  3. Write a script to describe what you see
  4. Import the DV stream into iMovie, or other NLE
  5. Record your voice over track (iMovie instructions)
  6. Export your project to file or tape for submission
    Colby students can come to the LRC for help
  7. Ask the LRC lab monitor for help submitting your movie clip


Keep in mind that the images change quickly and you won't be able to describe them all in detail. Instead consider paraphrasing, or selecting key images to describe. The trick is getting your voice track to reflect the sequence of images. Be creative!