Venez Voir Le Sénégal is an exploration of the Francophone world developed by Colby professors and technologists as a curricular resource, and made available for the internet community under a Creative Commons license. This website centers around six short video clips shot in and around Dakar, narrated in French with links to French transcriptions. You will need the free Quicktime Player installed on your machine to view the clips.

Special thanks to the Center for Educational Technology for hosting the project management workshop from which this website was conceived. Thanks to the University of Kansas Wolof program and the Université Cheikh Anta Diop for the use of still images of Dakar and UCAD.

André Siamundele video and narration
Zachary Chandler website and post-production
Cora Clukey consultant
Jonathan Weiss consultant

Colby College 2003

Creative Commons License