Joseph Whitfield teaching

You Can Go Home Again

Returning to the middle school of his youth as a sixth-grade literacy teacher, Whitfield is in his second year teaching at KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) Delta College Preparatory School. The middle school and affiliated KIPP Delta Collegiate High prepared him well for Colby, where he was class president all four years and majored in […]
Tech/Media Alumni

Shaping the New World Order

Charlie Hale ’06, there to represent Google, stepped up to the lectern. Hale, a government major who studied with Colby Middle East expert Professor Guilain Denoeux, recalled the experience. “Just sitting in the Knesset and watching two members debate the ’67 borders—watching that in person was just a really humbling experience,” he said. Humbling, but not […]
David Ziskind

Light After Darkness

As fate would have it, that meeting was postponed. And for the past 15 years, Ziskind, chief architect at the international engineering and design firm STV Inc., has worked in every aspect of the rebuilding efforts at Ground Zero. Ziskind’s STV team helped implement the vision of architect Santiago Calatrava, whose design evokes a bird […]
Dean of the College Karlene Burrell-McRae ’94

Q&A: Paying It Forward/Karlene Burrell-McRae

Karlene Burrell-McRae ’94, a former trustee and an innovative leader in higher education, joined Colby this summer as dean of the college. In this role she will have broad oversight of the student experience at Colby and will work to fully integrate Colby’s academic and campus life programs. She will oversee the several departments that […]
Ayaz Achakzai '09

Riding the Silk Road

These linkages are set to become stronger. China’s economic miracle has pulled millions out of poverty, yet geographically it has been largely concentrated in that country’s littoral areas. All that is set to change with China’s Silk Route Strategy. The eponymous trade route was not a single road but a host of caravan routes that […]
Former Colby rower Steve Whelpley ’05, who narrowly missed qualifying for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Whelpley returned to Colby this fall as assistant crew coach.

Making Seconds Count

For world-class rowers like Steve Whelpley ’05, victory is often measured in tenths of a second or even less. So is defeat. But after a near-miss to make the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro the former Colby rower—who this summer joined the College as assistant to his former crew mentor, head crew coach […]
Ali at Colby poster

A Night with Ali

Muhammad Ali was then out on bail for dodging the draft. He had been stripped of his heavyweight title, banished from the ring, and he needed money for legal fees. The Champ was touring college campuses across America, lecturing mostly white students about his Muslim faith and the sins of racism at home and war […]
Eric Barthold Conducts a “Man Box” Exercise

Redefining “Manly” with Eric Barthold ’12

Barthold’s workshops begin with an exercise called “the man box” to identify stereotypical images of men. Inside a rectangle he draws on a white board, he writes the words boys use to describe “real men”: e.g. strong, athletic, gets the girls, confident. Outside the man box, he writes characteristics they attribute to unmasculine men: girly, […]
Jacques Hermant '71

A Friend in Deed

With two advanced degrees, 13 years in business positions at large European companies, and 32 years of teaching and administrative experience at universities around the globe, Hermant has built an impressive résumé. Equally impressive are his humanitarian credentials. The homeless and unemployed, domestic abuse survivors, financially challenged students, and children with heart defects have been […]
Street in Cuba by Carey Powers

Ticket to Havana

On Feb. 16 President Obama announced an agreement that will allow 110 scheduled daily flights from the United States to Cuba, and he said he plans to visit the country in March. It was the latest step as the two countries further loosen restrictions that date back to the Cold War, when President Kennedy instituted […]