Chris Vickers ’87

Rooms that Save Lives

  “I have always worked in companies that have a soul, more than just selling product. We’re helping save lives every day. …We really now feel a great responsibility to do whatever we can to help. And, we’re thankful that we have a product that can help.” —Chris Vickers ’87 For Chris Vickers ’87, business […]
Jamie Suzuki '14

In Waco, Education Meets COVID-19

“A lot of our kids don’t have internet access or laptops or computers,” said Suzuki, who works for Waco Independent School District’s (ISD) Career and Technical Education Department in Texas. “One of the biggest questions is what is online teaching going to look like when not all kids have access to the internet throughout the […]
Alice Wong Moughamian ‘98

In a Pandemic, Providing for the Most Vulnerable

“I’ve seen a lot. I’ve seen fires. I’ve seen earthquakes. I was in the Dominican Republic when Hurricane George hit—I was in Peace Corps training. I survived the Ice Storm of ’98 at Colby. The Loma Prieta quake of ’89. I’ve seen my fair share of disasters. But nothing like this.”   Before COVID-19, what […]
Quark gluon plasma

What Are We Made Of?

“These are very appealing questions to anyone that wonders about the universe,” Bossi said. “They’re definitely intriguing and challenging—and almost philosophical—questions.” Now, Bossi, a Ph.D. student in experimental particle physics at Yale University, has added fuel to continue in her pursuit of answers—she has just won the Holy Grail for graduate students nationwide: a Graduate […]

A Molecular Chess Game

His research lab at Yale University, Newhouse Group, is pioneering the synthesis of natural molecules that lie at the heart of human biological functions and potential medicines. This month, he will receive the American Chemical Society’s Arthur C. Cope Scholar Early Career Award—the latest of many accolades. A molecular chess game At Yale, Newhouse leads […]
Mueller report with redacted areas text

Line of Defense

Among the allegations: posing as Americans to run bogus social media accounts, buy advertisements, and stage political rallies; and building computer systems in the United States to hide the Russian origin of their activity. “It talked about, in very plain language, exactly what they did and how they did it in order to conduct a […]
Claire Jimenez ’06

5 Questions: Fiction writer Claire Jimenez ’06

You were a member of Posse 1. Did your experience at Colby inform your writing? Your involvement in Colby’s Creative Writing Program? I am lucky because I had a professor there, Susan Kenney, who mentored me long after I had graduated from Colby. I took a couple of writing workshops with her my junior and […]
Zane Fields '19 resting during practice

Shooting for the World Cup

In June the U.S. Biathlon Association selected Fields and one other recent college Nordic ski star, Luke Brown of Dartmouth, for its two-man X-Team, which is reserved, as coach Tim Burke puts it, for “strong skiers with shooting promise.” The biathlon is, remember, that strange hybrid sport that sees competitors careening along on skis and […]
Miller Library circa 1939

In Living Color

While photographs of this era abound, Colbiana Coordinator Jim Merrick ’75 was thrilled to receive the film, donated in June by Kinch’s family. “I don’t think we have anything taken by … alumni returning to the College and shooting some film and holding on to it for eighty years,” he said. “Suddenly, it appeared.” Equally […]