A Molecular Chess Game

His research lab at Yale University, Newhouse Group, is pioneering the synthesis of natural molecules that lie at the heart of human biological functions and potential medicines. This month, he will receive the American Chemical Society’s Arthur C. Cope Scholar Early Career Award—the latest of many accolades. A molecular chess game At Yale, Newhouse leads […]
Mueller report with redacted areas text

Line of Defense

Among the allegations: posing as Americans to run bogus social media accounts, buy advertisements, and stage political rallies; and building computer systems in the United States to hide the Russian origin of their activity. “It talked about, in very plain language, exactly what they did and how they did it in order to conduct a […]
Claire Jimenez ’06

5 Questions: Fiction writer Claire Jimenez ’06

You were a member of Posse 1. Did your experience at Colby inform your writing? Your involvement in Colby’s Creative Writing Program? I am lucky because I had a professor there, Susan Kenney, who mentored me long after I had graduated from Colby. I took a couple of writing workshops with her my junior and […]
Zane Fields '19 resting during practice

Shooting for the World Cup

In June the U.S. Biathlon Association selected Fields and one other recent college Nordic ski star, Luke Brown of Dartmouth, for its two-man X-Team, which is reserved, as coach Tim Burke puts it, for “strong skiers with shooting promise.” The biathlon is, remember, that strange hybrid sport that sees competitors careening along on skis and […]
Miller Library circa 1939

In Living Color

While photographs of this era abound, Colbiana Coordinator Jim Merrick ’75 was thrilled to receive the film, donated in June by Kinch’s family. “I don’t think we have anything taken by … alumni returning to the College and shooting some film and holding on to it for eighty years,” he said. “Suddenly, it appeared.” Equally […]
Alaskan landscape

First Person

Thirty Years July 13, 2019, in the middle of what was later known as the hottest July on record in Alaska, the temperature reached over 90 degrees for the first time in history. One can get the sense of “baked Alaska” by standing on ice and feeling sweaty, with the mostly clear sky hazy from […]
Erin Bogan, Caring Canines volunteer coordinator

Get that Dog Into Therapy

After Cole’s passing, Leerburger fondly reminisced about her dogs’ special bond at the vet’s office. “When I told the breeder and vet what Remy was doing, they told me that his behavior was not ‘normal’ and I needed to get him into ‘training.’ So I got certified as a national handler, which is the first […]

Down But Not Out

Mine is a true story of mental illness, the dignity of all work, and the value of the liberal arts in preparation for all of life’s journeys. The 13 years after graduation were a train wreck. My first employer, an insurance company in Portland, Maine, found it necessary to place me in the psychiatric ward […]
Andie Velazquez '19 in lab

Left Brain / Right Brain

Velazquez discovered neurobiology early as a Colby student, taking courses with Assistant Professor of Biology Josh Martin and becoming fascinated with how the brain works. By her second year she was a research assistant in Martin’s NSF-funded neurobiology lab, studying how the praying mantis and other insects control their bodies. She studied art early too, […]