Andie Velazquez '19 in lab

Left Brain / Right Brain

Velazquez discovered neurobiology early as a Colby student, taking courses with Assistant Professor of Biology Josh Martin and becoming fascinated with how the brain works. By her second year she was a research assistant in Martin’s NSF-funded neurobiology lab, studying how the praying mantis and other insects control their bodies. She studied art early too, […]
Jessica Lyon '19

When the Past Never Passes

“My grandfather grew up in a German Jewish family, and he had to leave with his family during the Holocaust,” said Lyon, who read a story about American Jews seeking to restore German citizenship in 2016. This, she thought, would be an interesting documentary film. Two years later, that idea became her capstone project for […]
Hail Colby Hail score

Hail, Colby, Hail Turns 100

It would take more than two decades for “Hail, Colby, Hail” to be sung at commencement. And almost 50 years to be listed as the “College song,” despite Kennison’s belief that he had chosen “the most stirring hymn for unison chorus, particularly for men’s voices, that I have any knowledge of.” The song familiar to—if […]
Group of Colby alumni from class of '73

A Half-century On, They Still Are Speedy, Goat, and Spike

We had become fast friends as freshmen in the fall of 1969. We still used the old familiar nicknames: Savage, Gomez, Speedy, Goat, Smitty, Spike, and others. We all pledged and joined Lambda Chi Alpha, which only drew us closer. The passing years only served to deepen our bonds. We’ve gone through marriages and divorces, […]
ric DeCosta ’93, the general manager of the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens

A Football Odyssey

DeCosta, in his first—and very successful—season as the Baltimore Ravens’ general manager, places a premium on enthusiasm. And consistency. And loyalty. And humility. He’s the top executive for an NFL franchise—there are just 31 other such jobs in the entire world—and a league leader in using analytics to evaluate players and guide organizational decisions. A […]
The Sound Inside costar Will Hochman ’14

Welcome to Broadway

Let’s begin with your Broadway debut. Walk me through that first preview performance. How cool was that? Stressful? Exciting? I’m about to open the door to the office and my heart is pounding. It’s a packed house. I’d later find out it’s like 90 percent full or something. The beauty of this is that I […]
Former coach Tom Austin

“I want to play for this guy.”

The following is excerpted from an upcoming Colby Magazine profile of Eric DeCosta ’93, general manager of the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens. DeCosta, former captain of the Colby football team, led fundraising to name the football/lacrosse locker room in the new Colby College athletics center for his coach and mentor, Tom Austin.   In their first […]
Liam O’Brien and Alane O’Connor ’96 confer in O’Brien’s office at Colby

A Better Way

Before she became an addiction-medicine specialist, O’Connor ’96 studied environmental economics at Colby, and for several years consulted on pollution cleanup and nuclear waste storage. O’Brien first studied physics and mathematics, eyed medical school, and early on put his analytical skills to work for a psychiatric hospital. O’Connor went on to earn a doctorate in […]
Charlotte Wilder '11

All the Tools

So I tap the phone and, sure enough, there’s the story, freshly posted. It’s about the former (as in fired) NFL coach Jeff Fisher and what he’s been up to, other than being the butt of running jokes about football mediocrity. Wilder starts it like this: Jeff Fisher is careening down the side of a […]
Devin Gibbs '14

Doors Pushed Open

Almost a month later, his guidance counselor not only received his acceptance letter, but also got a call from Colby, asking why Gibbs didn’t attend the event, or even respond. Anxiously, the counselor called Gibbs to figure out what was happening. “It was actually through my guidance counselor freaking out that I understood, ‘Oh wow, […]