Alums Walk for Charity

Sam Rouleau, ready for volunteer duty in Texas. When Nick Tucker ’10 and Sam Rouleau ’10 set out to walk across the country, volunteering along the way, the distance seemed vast. But they’re measuring the trip not in miles but in the parade of people they meet. The founders of Making Strides left Maine in […]

Biomass Plant Models Clean Energy

One million. That’s the number of gallons of oil Colby will no longer be burning annually. It’s also a conservative estimate of the number of dollars Colby will save annually. But the new biomass facility, which became operational in January, is a boon to Colby for more reasons than that. A number of factors make […]

Trading Places

How would life at Colby be different if you were of the opposite gender? Students in the course Girls and Activism asked that of their peers, then took photos of them with their responses. The resulting exhibition hung in the Diamond Building in November. To read some of the responses, see \’Trading Places\’ at


A selection of tweets from @colbycollege. Click here to see links, catch up on tweets, or sign up. Waterville to get $50K from @MaineArts Commission. Colby Museum Dir. Corwin: City is “poised to become a destination for arts.”Dec. 16 Fri. @ 1, @MPBNews Speaking In Maine: Maria Fenwick ’03 on young teachers and urban school […]

A Conversaton About Sexual Conduct

Professors Adam Howard and Lisa Arellano moderate the November 15 community conversation about sexual conduct. Allegations of sexual misconduct  this fall prompted the first of a series of community conversations about sexual conduct and sexual assault on campus. On Nov. 15 more than 500 students, faculty, and staff convened in Page Commons for a two-hour […]

Occupy Movement Rallies Colby

As part of Occupy Colby, this public art display hung on the walls of the Diamond Building to provide a space for creative exchange. Occupy Wall Street began Sept. 17. By late October, some students and faculty were wondering why it seemed no one was reacting at Colby. So they took action and organized two […]

Students Raise $16,000 For New Homeless Shelter

by Jennifer Stephens ’12 As director of the Colby Volunteer Center, Dana Roberts ’12 had three goals for November: improve appreciation of the dormitories Colby students call home, increase awareness about local homelessness, and raise $10,000. She accomplished all three. On Nov. 30, the CVC announced it had exceeded its goal of raising $10,000 for […]

Alumna’s Article Challenges Marriage

Kate Bolick ’95 started her magazine journalism career as an editorial assistant at The Atlantic magazine. Several stops later—including freelance assignments for Colby—the New York-based freelance writer wrote the cover story—and made the cover. Bolick’s full-page photo graced the cover of the November issue along with the headline for her story, “What, Me Marry?” The […]

Goodbye, Oil (Almost)

A biomass heating plant that will burn wood chips and forest waste to replace 90 percent of the 1.1 million gallons of heating oil Colby has used annually will be fully operational by the end of the calendar year. The plant is located on Campus Drive, between the Alfond Athletic Center and the Bill Alfond […]