Adam Howard

What Adam Howard Has Learned

Now, Howard, the Charles A. Dana Professor of Education, is exploring privilege in an unexpected place—elite prep schools—with unexpected researchers—college students. One key to understanding privilege, he’s learned, is to harness his college students’ ability to relate to his younger subjects, while confronting their own privilege in the process. Howard has researched privilege at elite […]

Reading the Pulse of Classics

No stopwatches, no beat-per-minute counts, no numerical ranges. Instead, they developed an elaborate way of describing varying kinds of pulses—like a gazelle (a double beat), a tail of a rat (diminishing beats), or a saw (unequal beats). This anecdote exemplifies the work of Assistant Professor of Classics Kassandra Miller, who puts age-old technical texts under […]
On May 28, 2016, more than 2,500 police officers and soldiers carried out a sudden, militarized intervention to eliminate a skid-row zone called El Bronx, located in the city center of Bogotá, Colombia’s capital. (Photo by Ovidio Gonzalez Soler/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Rights Gone Wrong

On what grounds did this happen? Defending the rights of El Bronx residents—at least according to the government’s rhetoric. This was really strange, thought Associate Professor of Government Lindsay Mayka, who had lived near that area and knew all too well the kinds of daily violence that people in El Bronx experienced at the hands […]
Stacy Doore, Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Building an Ethical Sensibility

So, let’s start with this: What is computing ethics? It’s a form of applied ethics that examines how technologists—or the people who are creating current and future technologies—evaluate the impact of their work on society from multiple perspectives. My computing ethics class provides an interdisciplinary review of all of the different legal, social, and individual […]
Alternative for Germany (AfD)'s demonstrators wave German flags in front of the Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) in Berlin during the "demonstration for the future of Germany" called by the far-right AfD in Berlin on May 27, 2018. - The police estimates 2000 to 2500 people attending the AfD demonstration in Berlin. (Photo by Odd ANDERSEN / AFP) (Photo credit should read ODD ANDERSEN/AFP via Getty Images)

Shaping Memory—Left and Right, East and West

“Now, there’s a backlash against what is seen as too contrite or maybe even too pluralistic memory where different groups can see themselves in history,” said Jennifer Yoder, the Robert E. Diamond Professor of Government and Global Studies. “Some of these memory challengers would like to have a more unified, more heroic memory.” An expert […]

More Harm Than Good?

What’s gone wrong in the Congo? Many things, but among them, according to Assistant Professor of Government Laura Seay, is ineffective United States policy. “There’s a long history of bad U.S. policy in Africa that has enabled dictators and people who are up to no good,” said Seay, an Africanist who has spent years researching […]
Environmental studies major Skylar Tupper ’20 and Gail Carlson collecting samples on race course.

Banned But Still Toxic

To most of us, the poisons populating our everyday lives are but grim background music. They’re beyond our complete understanding, and so we write them off as the price we must pay for living in a scientifically advanced world. To Colby Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Gail Carlson, however, the threat posed by these toxins […]
Man holding bundle of mailed letters

All’s Fair in Love—and War

Instead of just rival families, the lovers have warring countries, Nazi laws, spying guards, and essentially an entire society standing between them. “These relationships occurred despite the most hateful, most brutal war in world history,” said Raffael Scheck, the Gibson Professor of History. “And these people defied these enemy categories.” These little-known accounts of defiance […]
Randy Nelson writing on white board

Lights, Camera, … Finance!

Amid the pandemic, Nelson, the Douglas Professor of Economics and Finance, has been redefining the way students learn financial literacy and computation in his Corporate Finance I course. When Colby transitioned to distance learning in March, Nelson recalled, “I rushed out and bought a video camera.” He then quickly converted his basement into a teaching […]
Qifan “Frank” Hu ’23 drawing Chinese characters

Gained in Translation

Initiated by one of Cohen’s students, Qifan “Frank” Hu ’23, a Colby-led team made up of prominent scholars of virtue argumentation theory and students has been translating already-published papers from English to Chinese to carry this work over to China. The team hopes to place these works in Chinese journals, with the overarching goal of […]