Marketing Experts Say Plain Talk Beats Social Media

by Dash Wasserman ’12 The Face-to-Face Book: Why Real Relationships Rule in a Digital Marketplace Ed Keller and Brad Fay ’87 Free Press, an imprint of Simon & Schuster (May 2012) That social media and online shopping generate buzz around a variety of products and companies is well known. But marketing gurus Ed Keller and […]

Finding Home Amid Myth and Mystery

by Sally Baker The Pink Nectar Café: Myths and Mysteries James Bishop Jr. ’58 Wildcat Publishing (2011) Three decades ago James Bishop Jr. ’58 sat at the bedside of his mother, model and artist Lucile Brokaw, and received her dying wish for him: that he should live in a town in Arizona with a creek […]

Recent Releases

We Won’t Get Fooled Again How the Christian Right Went Wrong, and How to Make America Right Again Gregg Jackson ’90 JAJ Publishing (2011) In this political season the Christian Right often lambasts the Liberal Left. But in this book Gregg Jackson ’90 and Steve Deace, both conservative radio hosts and commentators, save their harshest […]

Literary Peaks

At Whitefish Review, Colby trio (plus one) gives art and literature a mountain home

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Kafka’s Jewish Languages: The Hidden Openness of Tradition David Suchoff (English) University of Pennsylvania Press (2012) After Franz Kafka died, in 1924, his novels and short stories were published in ways that downplayed both his roots in Prague and his engagement with Jewish tradition and language, so as to secure their place in the German […]

Elizabeth Leonard Writes Revealing Biography of Joseph Holt

Lincoln’s Forgotten Ally Elizabeth D. Leonard (history) The University of North Carolina Press (2011) Gibson Professor of History Elizabeth Leonard’s new book raises all kinds of questions about the period of American history surrounding the Civil War, including this one: How could this be the first full-scale biography of Joseph Holt? Holt, Lincoln’s Kentucky-bred judge […]

Earl Smith’s Small-Town Mystery

  The Dam Committee Earl H. Smith North Country Press (2011) Something there is about a small town, and a little extra something about a small town in Maine. At least that’s the way Mainers think of it, including Earl Smith, whose first comic-mystery novel, The Dam Committee, affectionately portrays the lakefront community of Belfry, […]

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    Bloodspell Amalie (Gosine) Howard ’97 Langdon Street Press (2011) Victoria Warrick is a witch. Not just any witch, but one with superior witch powers, which she discovers on her 17th birthday. The heroine of this young adult novel may be able to read minds and teleport herself, but she also faces the same […]