Where’s Your Phone?

Do you feel anxious when your phone battery is low? Check your messages more often than you’d like? You might be a nomophobe. That’s the word, an elision of “no-mobile-phone phobia,” applied to people who have a fear of being out of mobile phone contact. It’s a fairly common affliction these days, and when Maggie Zhao ’16 began […]

Chamber Choir Claims Kudos at Carnegie

They came, they sang, and by all reports, they killed it. “It was fantastic,” said Nicolás Dosman, choral director, following the Colby College Chamber Chorale performance at Carnegie Hall March 9. “There were people in the balconies, the audience was warm, and the students did a Carnegie-worthy performance. … They did a great job.” The […]

World-Class Research

Read more Could Childhood Nutrition Set Stage for Brain Health Late in Life? Unlocking the Secrets of Neurodegenerative Diseases Hitting the Lab Running From top, Chris Krasniak ’16 at the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory; Hallie Jester ’16 at the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences; Colby Achievement Program in the Sciences participant Grace Uwase ’18 […]


When Lucas Lam ’17 first visited Colby from Southern California, he wasn’t sold. But then he jumped into his first snowbank and promptly got stuck. “Some Colby kids dragged me out and I was like, ‘Wow! People at Colby are so nice,’” he said. “Then I started taking the visit a little more seriously.” He […]

Family Portrait

My grandmother loses her past in pieces, like baby teeth, waking in the morning to find she’s swallowed her granddaughter’s name, her son’s wedding, her husband’s funeral. At breakfast, she leaves her license embedded in a piece of melon, and before bed, she spits the front door key, bloodless, into the sink. But nothing grows […]

What Birds Tell Us

On a Monday morning during Jan Plan, Katerina Faust ’14 started her day with a walk in Colby’s Perkins Arboretum. There was snow on the ground, and freezing rain was falling. The temperature was 19 degrees. She placed a small plastic speaker on a mound of frozen earth and took out her notebook. “This will […]

Changing the Face of Science

Shamika Murray ’14 was a high-achieving science student from a big public high school in Philadelphia. But soon after arriving on Mayflower Hill she learned that Colby academics were at a whole new level. “I had a really tough freshman year,” she said. “Academically, I wasn’t ready for the workload. It was nothing like my […]

Passing the Test

Real-life accident challenges COOT leaders with worst-case wilderness scenario