Vivaldi Alfresco

The alfresco performance from the string section of the Colby Symphony Orchestra was a much-needed gift to a Colby community weary of screens and earbuds. We were there, in person, awash in the immediacy and delicacy of their talent.   “Music has the power to bring everybody together,” said Conductor Jinwook Park, who organized the […]
Will Johnson 20


It’s early in the 2019 season and Colby, the reigning NESCAC champion, has just come off a 3-0 win over Thomas College. The team works on situational drills, three-on-two breaks, hoping to hone the offense for the upcoming game against Connecticut College. Listening closely as Coach Ewan Seabrook delivers instruction to his forwards, Johnson is […]

Greater Good?

Last summer she traveled to Atlanta for a CDC meeting on immunization practices that anti-vaxxers often attend. She listened to their emotional speeches and found that one woman’s words stuck with her: It’s just so sad that all my civil rights are being taken. “I never really heard or thought about the anti-vax movement in […]

A Journey of Understanding

The seed for the project was planted in the fall of her junior year in Jerusalem, Israel, where McFadden took a class on Hasidism taught by a Hasidic professor. “It was about spirituality in a way that traditional Judaism is not,” she said. “I found it really intriguing.”  McFadden considered numerous Hasidic groups in the […]

Early Start, Big Finish

Four years later, Zheng leaves Ahmad’s lab and Colby not only as an exemplary biology student and highly skilled researcher but also as the class marshal, graduating with the highest G.P.A. in the Class of 2020. “He’s been awesome,” Ahmad said. “There’s no other way to describe it—the kind of work ethic he brings, the […]
Saduo Dangui ’20

Shifting the Spotlight

In the Driver’s Seat RaQuion Braxton ’20 is no stranger to the stage. A singer and actor all his young life, he had a clear vision for his college career: a focus on musical theater. He could have attended a conservatory, but he chose the liberal arts. And he chose Colby. Braxton spent equal parts […]

Burn the Bridges?

  To those on many of Maine’s small islands, it does. For us year-rounders, the island is not only our home, but a refuge from traffic, city life, and crowds. Spruce Head, for instance, has a meager year-round population of 200, with the lobstermen heading out on their boats each morning and others driving onto […]

Tattoo Research Leads Deeper into Filipino Culture

It was in this seminar that the idea for Gonzalez’s Charles W. Bassett Prize-winning research began.  Gonzalez’s research focuses on the visual and aesthetic Kalinga style of tattoos native to the Philippines. These tattoos are created in batok style; batok, in Tagalog, means “to hit, to strike.” It involves a “single needle taken from the […]
Torsten Brinkema '22 in front of Colby Museum with his t-shirt designs

Teeing it Up

Six months later, Brinkema continues to push his company (he recently participated in a statewide pitch competition in Maine), which grew out of his frustration with the lack of appreciation of his artist peers. He remembers thinking during a museum visit in his hometown, Minneapolis, Minn.: “Well, the stuff that I’m seeing right here is […]