Mike Eckel ’93 (“Managing @StateDept”) is a writer and editor who has reported throughout the former Soviet Union and much of Southeast Asia for the Associated Press, Foreign Policy, the Wall Street Journal, AOL News, and other publications. He currently spends his time writing for the Christian Science Monitor, studying for his master’s degree at the Fletcher School for Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, and tweeting at @mike_eckel.
Alexis Grant ’03 (“Fueling the Engine of Growth”) is an entrepreneurial writer and digital strategist. She worked as a journalist for six years, first at the Houston Chronicle on the health beat and later at U.S. News & World Report covering the job market. Now she’s growing her own business, helping small businesses with blogging and social media, and selling digital guides and courses at alexisgrant.com. Follow her on Twitter at @alexisgrant.