Dr. Benbow was my first prof in the English Dept., and the most challenging professor of my Colby career—brilliant, inspirational, terrifying in the depth of his knowledge (I think he knew all the lines of the major plays), and unrelenting in his demands. I clearly remember his imposing voice, his unfiltered cigarettes, his furrowed brow, the styrofoam cup of coffee from the Spa, his cluttered office upstairs in the library, and the first “C” of my life in an English class. What an honor it was to study with a world renowned Shakespeare scholar at a place like Colby. I feel his guidance and inspiration every day in my own classroom. Rest in peace, Dr. Benbow. Thank you. Say hello to Charlie Bassett for me.

Emily Sprague ’79
Watertown, N.Y.

“Admiral” Benbow ... what can I say. I took his “Shakespeare” lecture and survived ... then had the courage to take a senior seminar on Hamlet with him. Twelve of us started ... five finished. TOUGHEST ACADEMIC CHALLENGE I EVER TOOK ON. R.I.P. sir, you were one of the best.

Gary Fitts ’73
Port Charlotte, Fla.

RIP Mr. Benbow. One of the most remarkable profs that I survived at Colby. Still intimidating even in death, but great minds never die.

Janice Bispham ’76
Palm Bay, Fla.

He was remarkable ... in a serio-frightening way. I regard my B- in Shakespeare as my best grade at Colby. Great man, great teacher.

David Rea ’71
Northfield, N.H.