6 Habits of Highly Successful Managers
John Cioffi ’70 and Ken Willig
Career Press (2011)

John Cioffi ’70 and Ken Willig, partners in a management consulting firm, have a wealth of business experience, from family business to entrepreneurial ventures to startups to work with a Fortune 100 company. They have distilled many decades of experience into six basic “habits” that they say form a commonsensical and effective way to become a successful business owner and/or manager. It all sounds simple, and the habits are demonstrated and explained through easily understood anecdotes.

The six habits include “set goals all the time,” “focus on the process, not the plan,” and “coach the right people.” Cioffi, a veteran business coach with a Wharton M.B.A., and Willig, a longtime entrepreneur, say they learned everything they know from their experience and their clients. They’ve packaged that accumulated knowledge into what one company chairman calls “a pragmatic roadmap … to improve effectiveness.” Another lauds its emphasis on “the power of people with a clear strategic empowerment.” The activies, the authors say, “are basic building blocks. They are neither faddish nor outdated, but enduring in their effectiveness.”