To comply with current United States Postal Service (USPS) regulations concerning mailings that use the Colby Permit #39, each mailing list must be processed by an approved vendor before the mailing can take place.  The vendor will “clean” the supplied mailing list to ensure the address is valid, in addition, the vendor will also process the mailing list against the USPS “National Change of Address” (NCOA) system.  This process must be performed for each permit mailing.  Permit mailing is basically any mailing using the Colby Permit number (which includes all  pre-sorted first class and standard (bulk) non-profit mailings.

Use this web form to  submit a mailing list and up to two documents to an authorized vendor.  Fill in the entire form and then submit your request to the vendor. You will receive a confirmation email.

Depending on the pre-sort method the cost per piece can be as little as .16 versus .50 for a first class  letter.  For additional information regarding “Pre-sort” mail discounts please contact Mary Faucher at x4051 or

The minimum number of pieces for pre-sort mailings are

First Class – 500 pieces                                         Standard/Bulk    – 200 pieces

Required fields are marked with an *

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