Alumni from 2000 - 2009

This page lists information (as far as we know it!) on Mathematics Department alumni from 2000 on. If you'd like to be added or to correct your entry, you can use the Tell Us Your News form or send email to mathweb AT colby DOT edu.

  1. Rumbi Sundire '04 will be working as an Investment Banking Analyst for First Albany Capital in Boston.
  2. Eric McAllister '04 will be heading down to Washington DC to work for IBM in their public sector business consulting department.
  3. Justin Juskewitch '04 will be attending Mayo Medical School in Rochester, MN. He is interested in doing Pediatrics (probably some sub-specialty).
  4. Peter Rice '04 will be going to Dartmouth's Thayer School of Engineering to get his Bachelors of Engineering in '05 and my Masters in Engineering Management in '06. He also plans to be happily married by the time he gets his MEM.
  5. Jeff Moyer '04 is planning to attend graduate school in elementary education at the Post Baccalaureate Program in Professional Education at Bridgewater State College. He hopes to become an elementary school teacher in grades 4-6.
  6. Libby Schundler '04 is going to be working as a Junior Systems Engineer for a small optical engineering firm, Optra, Inc. in Topsfield, Massachusetts.
  7. Mike McMullen '04 has a job with HealthMETRICS, a healthcare consulting firm, in Bedford, MA for the next two years. After that, he plans to go to medical school.
  8. After receiving his Ph.D. in mathematical biology from International University in Bremen, Germany, Peter Rashkov '04 is working in Marburg. You can visit his webpage. (updated Aug. 2013)
  9. Kevin Andrews '04 has completed his Navy OCS training and expects to move with his new wife to a Navy base in South Carolina, where he will receive further training.
  10. Annika Svore '04 is working as a Designer for Greenpoint Technologies. They design the interiors of government and private VIP airplanes.
  11. Boryana Miteva '04 will be working as an Analyst for a consulting firm, Charles River Associates, in Boston. After working for a couyple of years, she plans to go to graduate school in Economics.
  12. Jen Carini '04 will start a PhD program in Physics at the University of Connecticut next Fall. She will be working under Dr. Phil Gould on a project involving ultracold collisions. The main goal of this project is to understand and control laser-induced collisions between cold atoms.
  13. Daniel Barnes '04 will spend the summer traveling and visiting friends in Europe, then will move to Boston to seek a job in investment banking.
  14. Nurlan Assilbekov '04 will be working on securitization at Barclays Capital in New York.
  15. Greg Avedesian '04 will be working at the Seattle office of Watson Wyatt Worldwide, an actuarial consulting firm.
  16. Siqing Ma '04 will be working on commodities trading at Barclays Capital in New York.
  17. Don Barry '03 is working as an electrical engineer at a biotech company in Framingham, MA.
  18. Ricky Brown '03 is doing commercial and industrial real estate appraisals and business valuations for a Minneapolis firm.
  19. JiaPing Chen '03 is a programmer for a software firm in Salt Lake City.
  20. Drea DeAngelo is teaching in the Teach for America program in Phoenix, AZ.
  21. Whitney King '03 took an actuarial job with Horizon Management Group in Boston.
  22. Conor LeBlanc '03 received an MSc in Statistics from Case Western Reserve University and is now the Director of Data Analytics at a Health Care Cost Containment company in Boston.
  23. Ellen Whitesides '03 is teaching in the Teach for America program in New Orleans, LA.
  24. Kyle Burke '03 worked as an assistant professor of Computer Science at Wittenburg University. And is now Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Colby. Welcome back! (updated Aug. 2013)
  25. Lisa DeKeukelaere '03 is a graduate student in Applied Mathematics at Brown University.
  26. Kate Mann '03 is a graduate student in Computer Science at Tufts University.
  27. Sarah Pierce '03 is a graduate student in Molecular Biology at Stanford University.
  28. Justin Sukiennik '03 received his Ph.D. in Number Theory from University of Rochester. After a postdoc at University of Minnesota, he's now a Visiting Assistant Professor at Colby. It's good to have you back in the department! (updated Aug. 2013)
  29. Lauren Tharaud '03 is a graduate student in Mathematics at the University of Hawaii.
  30. Zack Brown '03 is working as an Analyst at Arch Insurance Company, doing actuarial stuff.
  31. Lauren Gremelspacher '03 is a Securities Services Supervisor at State Street Corporation in Quincy, MA.
  32. Since graduating from Colby, Jeffrey Bears '02 earned his master's degree in biostatistics from Harvard and a master's degree in genetics from Yale. He then attended Boston College Law School and earned a JD. For the past 2.5 years Jeff has been an attorney in Boston practicing corporate and intellectual property law focusing on life sciences, biotech and tech companies. He is currently pursuing another master's degree in biotechnology from Johns Hopkins part-time.
  33. Holly Brewster '02 is working towards her PhD in philosophy and education at Teacher’s College, Columbia University. Holly’s dissertation on math pedagogy and feminist epistemology is heavily influenced by the way she learned math at Colby and the professors that she had. Holly spent 5 years as a math teacher before beginning her doctorate.
  34. Chris Castle '02 works in software development. He manages the design and development of a couple different products doing big data processing and visualization at a digital ad agency. Chris keeps himself busy racing triathlons, coaching a cycling team, and starting a technology company.
  35. Brooke Congdon '02 is a student in the Master Teacher Fellows Program at Wake Forest College.
  36. Lucas Cummings '02 is working as a personal lines underwriter at Andover Insurance companies, located in Andover, MA.
  37. Whitney Pearce Fitts '02 has been working at Appleton Partners in Boston, MA for 9 years doing private wealth management. Specifically, she trades municipal bonds. Whitney received her Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 2006. She currently lives in Charlestown with her husband, Gavin, their two daughters, Chandler and Harper and their two dogs.
  38. Mariah Hamel '02 is currently a postdoc in the math department at the Université de Montréal. After completing her PhD in 2008 from the University of British Columbia she spent 3 years working as a postdoc at the University of Georgia.
  39. Cortney Kirkendall '02 is going to Medical School at the University of Southern California.
  40. Paul Lilley '02 is in his 10th year of teaching math. He is currently at Fountain Valley School of Colorado where he teaches AP Calculus and Geometry. This summer, Paul will graduate from Montana State University with a Masters in Mathematics with an Education option.
  41. Peter Masters '02 will be pursuing a Masters in Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, beginning in the Fall of 2005.
  42. Rodwell Mabaera '02 is a student in the M.D./Ph.D. program at the Dartmouth Medical School. Some news about him appeared recently in the "FYI" newsletter for Colby employees:
  43. Meg McCusker '02 graduated from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan with her MBA in 2007. She now works in Neurology Marketing on an MS drug at Biogen Idec and lives in Somerville, MA.
  44. Eric Neumann completed his MS in Mathematics at Rutgers University-Camden in 2008 and is currently an adjunct instructor of mathematics at Rowan University and Camden County College. He married Elise Neumann (nee Washer '07) in 2009. His son, Isaiah, was born in April 2011, and is expecting his second child in May 2012.
  45. Liz Sparkes '02 is teaching at the Landmark School in Prides Crossing, MA.
  46. Amjad Tuffaha '02 finished a three year postdoc at the University of Southern California, and is currently an assistant professor of Mathematics at the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi. In 2007, he completed a PhD in mathematics from the University of Virginia.
  47. Meanwhile, the September-October [2004] issue of Dartmouth Alumni Magazine has a portrait of Rodwell Mabaera '02, who is profiled in a "Going Global" feature. Rodwell, who's in Dartmouth's M.D./Ph.D. program, describes research he did in his home country, Zimbabwe, in the summer of 2003. He went to study AIDS and the distribution of rural health care. With one year of medical school under his belt, he started at a hospital in Harare where, he said, "I spent my first two weeks delivering babies because they didn't have anyone else to do it."

  48. Amanda Adams '01 is attending graduate school in public health at Brown University.
  49. Ria Calong '01 is working as a financial analyst for the Cosmetics Division of Liz Claiborne, in New York City.
  50. Jake Civiello '01 is working as an Associate Analyst at Tecolote Research in Bedford, MA.
  51. Coy Dailey '01 is teaching at the Georgetown Day School in Washington, DC.
  52. Tom Dohlie-Evenson '01 is finishing his engineering degree at Dartmouth College.
  53. Scott Friemann '01 is working for KKO Associates at Andover, MA.
  54. Emily Goldenberg '01 is working as a Research Assistant at ICF Consulting in Fairfax, VA.
  55. Richard Hallquist '01 is working towards a Ph.D. in mathematics at the University of Maryland.
  56. Bethany Knorr '01 is an engineering Ph.D. student at Dartmouth College.
  57. Stephanie Nichols '01 is working on a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education and a master's degree in Mathematical Statistics at the University of Texas at Austin. She can be reached at
  58. Brian Stephens '01 is planning to start graduate school in the Spring of 2002.
  59. Michelle Storkan '01 is working at Sparback 7 Associates in Washington, DC.
  60. Carolyn Mordas '00 received her PhD in chemistry from Princeton University and is now working for Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products in Skillman, NJ.
  61. Matt Janssen '00 graduated from Villanova Law School in the Spring of 2003, clerked for New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Virginia A. Long for the year following law school, and has recently joined on as an associate in the Philadelphia law firm of Pepper Hamilton LLP.
  62. Carolyn Campbell '00 is teaching at the Holderness School in New Hampshire.
  63. Nick Crawford '00 is working towards a Ph.D. in mathematics at UCLA.
  64. Marilyn Scharbach '00 graduated from medical school in 2004. She has taken a position at the Children's Hospital in Westchester, CT, focusing on Pediatric Cardiology.