Alumni from 1990 - 1999

This page lists information on Mathematics Department alumni from 1990 to 1999. We've included the latest information we have, which is sometimes not too recent. If you'd like to be added or to update your entry, you can use the Tell Us Your News form or send email to mathweb AT colby DOT edu.

  1. Amanda Blatz '99 is finishing her masters at UNH and will begin teaching next fall.
  2. We hear Eric Cook '99 is about to start graduate school.
  3. Penjani M'Phepo '99 went to Belize, Central America in the summer of 2001 to work on the feasibility research project to apply the updated findings from his physics senior thesis. Now he is back at the University of Delaware studying for his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics.
  4. Jenn Nelson '99 is in graduate school at Duke University.
  5. Kaushik Sen '98 is working for Bain and Company.
  6. Kristen Mott '98 is doing a master's degree at the Boston Architectural Center.
  7. Anne Miller '98 just finished her master's degree at the University of Texas at Austin and is now working as an actuary at Hewitt Associates, a human resources consulting firm in Atlanta, GA.

  8. Ying Lin '98 is working in the investment banking department of Bear Stearns in New York City.
  9. Miguel Leff '98 is attending Law School at Vanderbilt University.
  10. Brigette Krantz '98 returned to the University of Colorado to finish off her concurrent major in Engineering.
  11. Michael Corr '98 has returned to Dartmouth to finish off his concurrent major in Engineering.
  12. Carrie Heyman '98 is off to West Africa. She has joined the Peace Corps and will be teaching physics and mathematics in Burkina Faso (former Upper Volta) for at least two years.
  13. Emily Blood '98 is a graduate student at the University of New Hampshire.
  14. Emilie Archambeault '98 is working in the fashion industry in New York. You can visit the company web site at to see some of what she is up to.
  15. Rick Unruh '97 graduated from MIT with a Master of Engineering in Civil/Structural Engineering. He sent us an update on 4/13/2006, saying "My wife Jenny and I recently moved from Bristow, VA (outside DC) to Gig Harbor, WA (across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge from Tacoma). I started a new job in January in Tacoma, as a structural engineer. Jenny and our kids (Rebecca and Jaden, aged 3.5 and 2) joined me a couple of weeks ago. We'd love to hear from any Colby alumni in the area or who will be travelling in the area."
  16. Woody Pollack '97 is pursuing a masters at Stanford University.
  17. Peter Matson '97 says "I'm working as a programmer for Computer Center Software in Falmouth Maine. I help develop and maintain a fund accounting/personal resource system called MUNIS for municipalities."
  18. Andrew Weber '97 recently took a position at RBS Greenwich Capital as a Managing Director responsible for the Alternative Asset Solutions business. He lives in Manhattan with his wife Katy.
  19. Yawa Dusé-Anthony '97 is working for Philips Healthcare in Andover, MA, and lives with husband and three kids in Methuen, MA.
  20. Mark House '97 is working n the IS department at Lucent where I work on the Oracle database. I am also pursuing an MBA at Boston College.
  21. Kelly Hagan '97 is teaching 6th grade math at Wayland Middle School in Wayland, MA.
  22. Leah Tortolla '97 is teaching 8th grade math at Kennedy Middle School in Waltham. This is the school from which she graduated 10 years ago!
  23. Tanya Jankot '97 is working for Sun Microsystems.
  24. Tim Corkery '97 is trading options on foreign exchange for AIG Trading Co. in Greenwich, CT. He has been with the firm since graduation in '97.
  25. Mike Coyle '97 is currently working for HRMC, a PeopleSoft consulting firm.
  26. Simon Dalgleish '96 is currently running an importation and distribution business in Mexico.  He says that studying math at the undergraduate level gave him an outstanding foundation for modeling and analysis which in turn has proven greatly helpful integrating the broader spectrum of business issues from marketing, sales & human resources to finance, logistics and technology.
  27. Mark Mortensen '96 says "I've finished My MS in CS and am starting a PhD. in Industrial Engineering/Engineering Management, also here at Stanford." His home page is
  28. Mike Sabin '96 is working for GWI Software, a company in Vancouver, Washington.
  29. Sherrie Sangster '96 is working as a systems consultant for Hewitt Associates.
  30. Qi Wang '96 I have finished my engineering program at Darmouth College. I am now working as a financial analyst in the Equities Divison of Goldman, Sachs & Co in New York City.
  31. William Yelle '96 is employed by Edgewater Technology.
  32. Vinny Cordero '95 is also a graduate student, at the Ph.D. program in physics at Rutgers University.
  33. Kathryn Cosgrove '95, who double-majored in math and economics, finished my M.B.A. at M.I.T. Sloan School of Management and is now working for McKinsey and Company in London.
  34. John Dawson '95 is enrolled in the Ph.D. program in Geology at the University of Iowa.
  35. Art Fairbrother '95 is teaching at the Williams Junior High School in Oakland.
  36. Katie (Kimball) Harris '95 is now working as a game programmer at a company called Humongous Entertainment.
  37. Tim Harris '95 does computer support and some system administration to a company named CH2M HILL, in Bellevue, WA. Their business involves project development, engineering and management of water, environmental and transportation infrastructure, as well as the design and construction of industrial facilities.
  38. Sandra Jewers '95 is working at a large law firm in New York City with the expectation of soon going on to Law School.
  39. Mark Merzon '95 was also a double major in mathematics and economics. He is now working at CS First Boston in New York.
  40. Jennifer Hurd '94 says "I work for a small software company that writes software for publishers."
  41. David Bryan '94 is currently employed by Fidelity in Boston.
  42. Laura Eanes '94 is teaching at Blair Academy in NJ, a coed boarding school for grades 9 - 12. "I am teaching Algebra I and II and coaching lacrosse and soccer. I also live in a girls dorm. It is the perfect job for me!" Her address is Blair Academy, P.O. Box 600, Blairstown, NJ 07825.
  43. Geoffrey W Harvey '94 is now working for Lockheed Martin in Oswego, NY.
  44. Danielle Jamison Benedetto '94 received a Ph.D. in mathematics from Brown University. Her husband, Rob Benedetto, is now an assistant professor at Amherst College. They have two daughters, Karen and Amy, and are expecting a son for July 2004. Check out the Benedetto family page.
  45. Kristen Lehan '94 is currently employed by Aetna Insurance Company in New Haven, CT where she performs actuarial work. She is pursuing her actuarial license.
  46. Wallie Leung '94 says "Things have changed quite a bit with my career. I started my own consulting company (Helio Systems, Inc.) here in New York City about a year ago. I do mostly UNIX/NT systems consulting work for financial companies on Wall Street. I am actually enjoying it a lot. There are 3 other people working for my company. Two of them are C/C++ programmer and one database engineer. All of them are my friends. Right now, my projects are building a global UNIX infrustructure (i.e. email, implementing HA solutions, system monitoring/management) for a Canadian Bank's derivative trading division and system setup/design for a software company.
  47. Lynette Millett '94 is now a Study Director and Program Officer at the National Academies in Washington, D.C. She works on information technology policy issues with the Computer Science and Telecommunications Board.
  48. Chris Rogers '94 says, "I am now working at Cushing Academy, a private co-ed boarding school in Ashburnham,MA. My official title is Coordinator of Computer Programs, although most of the kids and faculty here just call me "the computer guy". I also teach two sections of Precalculus, as well as two sections of Computer Applications, a basic computer course.(...) Teaching is definitely the right career choice for me, it has proven very rewarding and it is very exciting to watch my students grow and acquire important mathematical skills." Chris also let us know that he is engaged to be married, to Andrea Bowman '94.
  49. Mike Smoot '94 says "Today is my last day at Evolving Systems. As some of you know and I'm sure some of you don't, I've decided to go back to graduate school. I'll be studying systems engineering at the University of Virginia. I should be out in Virginia towards the end of August."
  50. Jonathan L. Thomas '94 worked as a Software Design Engineer at Hewlett Packard in Mountain View, CA. Since Hewlett Packard he has worked at Imhotech (i.e. and now at Exodus Communications, Inc. in Santa Clara, CA.
  51. Doug Hutton '93 is currently in his 9th year teaching physics at the high school level, while working on a masters degree in physics. He is expecting his first baby in December, 2001.
  52. Beth Montgomery '93 moved from Northern VA and the ISP world back into a more corporate environment, working again as a sysadmin for Analog Devices (this time in Greensboro, NC). Mid-September (2000) she will be transferring into the Library/Information Science group as an Information Architecture Developer. You will most likely find her back in MA (where the core of the group is located) sometime next summer, where she is hoping to go back to school for her MLIS.
  53. Mark Muir '93 says "... after graduation, I worked with Dave Bryan '94 and Jen Hurd '94 as a software consultant at Quality Solutions in Stoneham, MA. From there, I made the daily odyssey that is the Boston commute to Fidelity Investments. After a five year software development stint there, I completed my MBA at Bentley College and moved to GeoTel Communications as a product manager in charge of their CTI product suite. Shortly after my arrival there, we were assimilated by the Cisco Borg and I've been a happy camper since..."
  54. Stuart Pitrat '93 is working in the Technology Department of a company called HEALTHvision as a Web Developer.
  55. Jeffrey M. Wexler '93 says "I'm in my second year at MIT Sloan School of Management."
  56. Amy Richters '92 is a graduate student at UNH.
  57. Trevor M. Sides '92 is with Andersen Consuling, Information Systems Consulting. He can be reached by e-mail at
  58. Kimberly Morrison '90 is presently a middle school math teacher and department chair at the Brown Middle School in Newton, MA.
  59. Rudy Penczer '90 is living in Tacoma, Washington, and is attending graduate school in applied mathematics at the University of Washington in Seattle.
  60. Andrew Rhoades '90 works for MIT Lincoln Laboratory, where he's been since graduation despite three attempts to get rid of him (goverment contracts are not stable). In his third group there (for the last 27 months), he's now working on FAA studies relating to air traffic surveillance, providing computer programming support and data analysis. Enthusiasm for Power Macs (networked Marathon 2 anyone?) and a soon-to-be-purchased new car (Integra GS-R) seem to fill the rest of his time.
  61. His mother, Sara Shaw Rhoades '64 was also a Math major. She's not on the 'net yet, but you can read her column for the class of '64 in the alumni magazine Colby.