Mathematics Major

What's it all about? Well, it's about mathematics! Not mathematics as you may have met it in high school, a set of arbitrary rules for doing things, but rather mathematics as an intellectual pursuit. Someone once said that mathematics is the one discipline where nothing need ever be taken on faith: everything is susceptible of proof. Proof is one of the main themes of the math major.

The other main theme is probably the amazing imagination of mathematicians, who come up with so many incredible ideas and beautiful theories. We hope that as you go through the major you will grow in your appreciation of this beauty as you learn more and more mathematics.

The math major is the right major to choose if you are interested in going to graduate school in mathematics (pure or applied). It may also be an appropriate choice if you are interested in graduate work in other fields, such as physics, statistics, and economics, which make intensive use of mathematics. Most of all, the math major is for people who love mathematics!