Honors in Mathematics

In order to major with honors in either Mathematics or Mathematical Sciences, students must complete an additional approved program of independent study supervised by a member of the department, culminating in a written paper and a one-hour colloquium talk.

  1. In order to enter the honors program, the student should have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 in courses in the major numbered 200 or above.
  2. Suitably qualified students who wish to enter the honors program should, prior to the time of preregistration for their final semester at Colby, find a member of the department willing to mentor and supervise the work, prepare an outline of the proposed project, and receive the approval of the department.
  3. Honors students should enroll in Honors Independent Study (MA484), which is structured to involve the writing of a substantial paper. The paper will be read by at least one department member in addition to the project mentor. The honors independent study does not satisfy the 400-level requirement for the major.
  4. The student will be expected to give a talk on the work at the department colloquium.
  5. The awarding of honors is by recommendation of the department, following the successful completion of these requirements.