Mathematics Major Requirements

The requirements for the mathematics major are structured around a few core courses, to which students add a number of electives. Students should work closely with their advisors to tailor their selection of courses to their interests. Students aiming for graduate school in mathematics should go well beyond the minimum requirements to acquire as broad a base of knowledge as they can.

The list of requirements below is presented only as a guide. The official requirements can be found in the catalogue.

Required Courses Elective Courses

Four more three- or four-credit mathematics courses each of which:


In exceptional cases, with the permission of the department, another 400-level course may be substituted for MA439 or MA434.

Although Mathematics 262 and 352 are not specifically required, the department strongly recommends that mathematics majors complete both courses. Also, beginning with the Class of 2015, only courses in which a grade of C- or higher has been earned will count toward the major.