Mathematical Science Major Requirements

The list of requirements below is presented only as a guide. The official requirements can be found in the catalogue.

Required Courses
  1. Completion of one year of calculus
  2. Linear Algebra (MA253)
  3. Introduction to Abstract Mathematical Thought (MA274)
  4. Vector Calculus (MA262)
  5. Structured Programming and Elementary Algorithms (CS151)
  6. One course chosen from among:
    • Differential Equations (MA311)
    • Numerical Analysis (MA332)
    • Mathematical Modelling (MA372)
    • Mathematical Statistics I (MA381)
    • Data Structures and Algorithms (CS231)

The choice of the last required course should be viewed as establishing an overall "theme" for the major---see below.

Elective Courses

Four more three- or four-credit courses selected from Mathematics courses numbered 200 or above (excluding Mathematics 484). These may include the unchosen courses in item 6 above. In addition, with the written permission of the advisor, one (or, in exceptional cases, two) of these courses may be replaced by courses from another department which have significant mathematical content. Also, beginning with the Class of 2015, only courses in which a grade of C- or higher has been earned will count toward the major.