Statistics Minor

The statistics minor is designed to pair with majors in which the data plays a central role. This minor equips students with the fundamental skills necessary to understand not only how to display and analyze data, but how to design studies and experiments and collect data. As terms like "data science," "big data, " and "analytics" permeate so many fields, having a firm understanding of statistics bas become a critical skill. Students choosing this minor have the flexibility to gain a foundation in the more theoretical aspects and probability and statistics, or to focus on the more applied side of the field.

Statistics Minor Requirements

Completion of 6 courses to include:

Students who complete the Psychology 214/215 or the Economics 293/393 course sequence will have their Statistics 212 requirement waived.

Keep in mind that there's a College rule that "A minor must include at least four courses taken in addition to courses taken to satisfy requirements for any major or other minor."