We have 39 majors from the class of 2017 (with more to be declared soon).
Here are some who let us post their photo.
photo Dancy Ant-quanique
Majoring in Statistics and Education studies

Outside of Davis:
Colby Women's Crew, SGA finance Committee, and volunteering
photo Ashley Conley
Majoring in Economics:Mathematics and Neurobiology major.

Outside of Davis:
Colby Women's Soccer Team, CCAK mentor, Colby Alpine Race club
photo Joshua Hews
Mathematics major with a minor in Japanese

Outside of Davis:
Travelling, United World at Colby Member, International Club Member, Skiing, Cooking
photo Tae Min Kim
Majoring in ECMF/MASS with minor in CS

Outside of Davis:
Cello, CCAK, Tour Guide, Admissions Ambassador.
photo Saran Liukasemsarn
Majoring in economics and mathematics majors and CS minor

Outside of Davis:
Soccer, drawing, foosball
photo Joseph Malionek
Majoring in Mathematics, Computer Science with a minor in Music

Outside of Davis:
Broadway Musical Revue, Powder and Wig, Colby Theater and Dance Department
photo Kellen McDonnell
Majoring in Computer Science & Math Sciences, Education minor

Outside of Davis:
Ultimate Frisbee, Saxophone, Chess
photo Allyson Redhunt
Majoring in Math and Premed

Outside of Davis:
I am a coxswain for the crew team and work at Inland Hospital
photo Amar Sehic
Majoring in Mathematics and Physics

Outside of Davis:
Reading, Rugby, TravellingĀ andĀ Video Games