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The Ming Studies Research Series consists of scholarly works related to the study of Ming history. The Series is published by the History Department, University of Minnesota. Edward L. Farmer is editor of the series. The editorial board consists of Edward L. Farmer, Romeyn Taylor, and Ann Waltner.


All issues of the Research Series are currently in stock at the prices indicated below.

No. 1: Keith Hazelton, A Synchronic Chinese-Western Calendar 1341-1661 A. D. (ISBN 1-886108-00-5) 1984, 328 pages. Price: US $ 32.00

This work provides lunar and solar equivalents for every day in the span of years indicated. Lunar days are indicated in Wade-Giles romanization.

No. 2: Richard T. Wang, Ming Studies in Japan 1961-1981: A Classified Bibliography (ISBN 1-886108-01-3) 108 pages. Price: US $ 14.00

Classified, unannotated entries in Japanese with authors' names in romanization. A romanized index of authors' names is included. Note: This work is superseded by Yamane Yukio, ed., Min daishi kenkyu bunken mokuroku (Tokyo, 1993).

No. 3: Edward L. Farmer, Romeyn Taylor, and Ann Waltner, Ming History: An Introductory Guide to Research (ISBN 1-886108-02-1) 1994, 451 pages. Price: US $36.00

This work contains sections on the basics of Ming history research, selected documents with vocabulary notes, and handy reference aids.

No. 4: Sarah Schneewind, ed.,Long Live the Emperor! Uses of the Ming Founder across Six Centuries of East Asian History (ISBN 978-0-9800639-0-5) 2008, 508 pages. Price: US $80.00

No. 5: Thomas G. Nimick, Local Administration in Ming China: The Changing Roles of Magistrates, Prefects, and Provincial Officials, (ISBN 978-0-9800639-1-2) 2008, (US$ 65.00)     

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