The Pugh Center First Year Student of Color Transition Program was established in 2012. The program facilitates student success through the following experiences:

    • Peer-Mentoring Program
    • A Welcome Reception
    • Weekend Retreat in Portland, Maine
    • Monthly Off-Campus Outings (Movies, Bowling, Museums)
    • End-of-the Year Celebration

*Students interested in participating in The Pugh Center First Year Student of Color Transition Program are encouraged to submit an entrance interview form before August 10, 2014. If you wish to learn more, sign up or refer a student to PC First Year Student of Color Transition Program, please contact Dr. Bradley at or the Program’s Coordinators Lillian Liang and Shadey Trinidad at

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember,
involve me and I learn.” -Benjamin Franklin

Upcoming 2014 – 2015

Mentor Match Period – Summer

Upperclass students serve as mentors to incoming students. Mentors serve as a success guide during the first year at Colby. Incoming students are invited to join the program by completing the entrance interview form. Please contact me at, if you have more questions. Although the program is designed based upon the experiences that some students of color may face at Colby College, every student is welcome to participate in the program.

PCFYSCTP and Friends Welcome Reception – August

Meet and greet students, faculty/staff and other campus community members.

PCFYSCTP Retreat – September

The First Year Retreat is an all expense paid overnight group trip in Portland, ME scheduled for the first weekend of the academic year.

Weekly Study Sessions (Located in the Pugh Center Meeting Room) – Wednesdays

Study tables are an interactive and engaging experience with other students who may be mentors and tutors for Colby courses. We recommend bringing notes and preparing questions for exploration with other participants. Light snacks are provided.

Off-Campus Excursions – Monthly

To encourage community exploration and bonding with program scholars, monthly activities such as bowling, movie and game nights, ice-skating, skiing, day hiking, and biking are planned.

End of Year Celebration – December

The first semester of college is the most challenging in adjusting to both the academic pace and the social climate. You’ve made it and we we celebrate that accomplishment!