Colby Faculty

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Grant

Mellon GrantIn 2014 the Colby College Museum of Art received a $600,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to strengthen student and faculty engagement with the Museum’s collection. In addition to supporting the Museum’s teaching mission and ongoing faculty use of the Davis Curricular Gallery and the Landay Teaching Gallery, the grant supported the creation of a new position, the curator of academic programs, dedicated to academic outreach and programming. As part of the grant the Colby Museum also will work with the Bowdoin College Museum of Art to implement a series of seminars and workshops for faculty on collection use and to launch a collections-sharing program to address curricular needs beyond the scope of the Museum’s permanent collection.

Mellon Foundation Faculty Symposium

On April 10, 2015, the Colby College Museum of Art will host a Mellon Foundation Faculty Symposium, designed to address the various ways that Colby faculty can engage their students with museum collections and exhibitions. This symposium will include speakers from leading college art museums, and serve as a platform for sharing best practices in museum teaching, past faculty experiences, and future initiatives. For a detailed program, click here. Please rsvp via email to Shalini Le Gall, Curator of Academic Programs (

Davis Curricular Gallery

Davis GalleryAs a center of experiential learning and interdisciplinary dialogue on campus, the Colby College Museum of Art seeks to build critical-thinking skills, foster creativity, and promote collaboration among students and faculty. Conceived of as a laboratory space, the Davis Curricular Gallery supports the Museum’s teaching mission and facilitates intellectual engagement on campus. It enhances teaching and learning by offering students prolonged encounters with historically and aesthetically significant objects that provide focal points for class discussion and serve as the bases of assignments. The diverse works of art on view here change every semester. Drawn primarily from the rich collections of the Colby Museum, they are selected by faculty members teaching courses in a range of disciplines. Academic departments and programs that have recently used the Davis Gallery include Art, American Studies, Anthropology, Biology, History, and Science, Technology, and Society. If you are a Colby professor planning a course that could be served by the Davis Curricular Gallery, please contact Mirken Curator of Education Lauren Lessing (ext. 5609) or Curator of Academic Programs Shalini Le Gall (ext. 5622) at least one semester in advance.

Landay Teaching Gallery

landayThe Landay Teaching Gallery supports the Museum’s teaching mission by providing a dedicated space for the study of works of art for courses across the Colby College curriculum. The gallery is an ideal setting to view any of the works in the Museum’s collection not currently on display to the public but that may serve a curricular function as the subjects of close looking, comparative analyses, creative exchange, and new discoveries. Academic departments and programs that have recently used the Landay Teaching Gallery include American Studies, Anthropology, Art, Biology, East Asian Studies, English, Environmental Studies, History, Psychology, and Religious Studies.

For assistance in scheduling a class in the Landay Teaching Gallery, and for assistance searching the collection for works relevant to your course topic, please contact Curator of Academic Programs Shalini Le Gall (, ext. 5622) at least four weeks in advance. Visits are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.  Due to increasing demand for the teaching gallery, it is advisable to propose several possible dates when scheduling your visit.

Faculty should coordinate with the curator of academic programs to finalize a checklist of works (maximum 10 objects) at least two weeks prior to the scheduled visit so that the objects can be retrieved from storage. To maximize individual student access to the objects, and to ensure the safety and security of the collection, classes in the teaching gallery are limited to 20 students at one time. Please be advised that this limit is subject to the quantity and type of objects you select.

When visiting the Landay Teaching Gallery, please observe the following guidelines:

  • Professors must accompany their students at all times.
  • Notes must be taken with pencils only; pen and markers are not permitted.
  • Taking digital reference images of works in the Landay Teaching Gallery is authorized for educational purposes only. Educational purposes are defined as student use for assignments, research or presentations. Use of images for commercial reproduction, publication, or distribution in print or electronic media is prohibited.
  • No flash photography or tripods allowed.