New Discoveries in West African Art

March 4, 1962 - March 30, 1962

Twenty-five pieces of sculpture, including figures carved from wood and bronze, will be displayed. The sculptures, which represent the works of six West African tribes of the Sudanese and coastal regions, are understood to be ceremonial masks and figurines. Ranging in size from a 65 pound statue and a four foot high mask, to a small six inch mask, the collection depicts primitive reflections of both animal and human life. The exhibition is on loan from the Museum of Primitive Art located in New York City. The collection is rarely seen outside of New York City.

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Jean-Louis Gervat

February 12, 1962 - February 28, 1962

A French priest, virtually unknown outside of his village as an artist, has been discovered and his name is rapidly becoming recognized in the art world principally because of the efforts of two Colby graduates and members of the Friends of Jean-Louis Gervat in America. This show has been brought to Colby through the efforts of Dr. Edward Martin and Arnold Sturtevant. At the age of ten, Abbe Gervat’s eventual career was established by a chance meeting with the great.

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