Sculpture and Drawings by Auguste Rodin

February 14, 1960 - March 12, 1960

Auguste Rodin has had a greater influence on the sculpture of our century than any other man. Like his contemporaries, the Impressionist painters, his art has continued to offer a source of forms for artists of later generations even though these artists may have very different ideas to express. The display includes 18 pieces of sculpture as well as numerous drawings and watercolors. Except for one work in marble all of the sculptures are in bronze. For the privilege of showing the art of Rodin at Colby College we are grateful to the World House Galleries, New York, and to the Friends of Art at Colby.

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Paul Klee

January 11, 1960 - January 30, 1960

An exhibition of works by Paul Klee, Swiss-German pioneer of modern art, will continue throughout the month of January. Watercolors and drawings in pencil, pen, brush, and crayon are included. There are also several oil paintings and pastels. Klee, whose work is recognized as among the most important contributions to art of the 20th century, has been represented in museums and private collections throughout the world. The Colby exhibit contains numerous paintings displaying the unique talent which once led a critic to describe Klee’s outlook as “a blend of realism and fantasy.” His tremendous influence on contemporary painters can also be easily detected in these examples.

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Susie Thompson

December 6, 1959 - January 5, 1960

Paintings of Susie Wass Thompson, famed watercolor artist from Cape Split, Maine, will be the subject of the first one-man show at Colby College’s new Bixler Art and Music Building. Mrs. Thompson, a great-grandmother in her 70s, did not start painting until 1954, although she has quickly achieved success. The subjects of her paintings are predominantly of the Maine Coast, however, there will be included individual studies of details of nature, namely trees and flowers.  

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