Summer Luncheon


Saturday, July 20, 2019


Colby College Museum of Art
Waterville, Maine

Celebrating 60 years of opening doors to art

Join alumni, parents, and friends from across the country to celebrate the mission and impact of the Colby College Museum of Art. Over the last sixty years the Colby Museum has grown from a small, regional gem to an international destination for American art and a model for academic integration. Celebrate all that the Museum has accomplished and strives to achieve by purchasing a ticket or becoming a sponsor of this event.

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Questions? Contact Director of Museum Development Liz Menard | 207-859-4367

Watch last year’s conversation between Carolyn Muzzy Director and Chief Curator Sharon Corwin and 2018 recipient of the Cummings Award for Artistic Excellence Rackstraw Downes:

Conversation with Rackstraw Downes | Summer Luncheon 2018 from Colby College Museum of Art on Vimeo.

2018 Summer Luncheon Sponsors and Supporters


Barbara and Ted Alfond P’92, GP’21, ’22, ’22
Joseph F. Boulos ’68, LL.D. ’09 and Sheri Boulos
Whitney Dayton Brunet ’01 and Christian Brunet ’01
Alene Gelbard P’03 and Robert S. Gelbard ’64, LL.D. ’02, P’03
Hilary Barnes Hoopes ’89, P’20 and Robert Hoopes ’89, P’20
Karen Linde Packman ’88, P’21 and Jeff Packman ’88, P’21
Paul J. Schupf, LL.D. ’06


Hemenway Trust Company LLC
Patricia La Valley and Geoff Hargadon


Alexandre Gallery, New York
Sharon Corwin and Martin Kelly
Jim Crawford ’64, LL.D. ’05 and Mary Crawford
The Ffrench Family
Galerie Lelong & Co.
Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors
Lisa Marin and Arnie Smith
John Pelosi P’19 and Susan Pelosi P’19
Susan Schulman
Anne O’Hanian Szostak ’72 and Michael Szostak ’72
Lulu Wang and Anthony Wang
Carol Winthrop P’12 and Rob Winthrop P’12
Kayla Zemsky ’09 and Michael Myers


Paul O. Boghossian III ’76, P’12
Thomas Colville
Betty Cuningham Gallery
DC Moore Gallery
Dorothy Eisengart and Marvin Eisengart
Joseph Goddu
Bob Macdonald ’87 and Cynthia Macdonald
Bill Matuzas and Joann Matuzas
Clement McGillicuddy and Linda McGillicuddy
Annette Hanzer Pfau ’86, P’21
Jane Stevens Phillips ’01 and Jack Phillips ’02
The Rolfson Group, Inc.
Bill Ryan P’00, GP’16, ’18 and Peggy Ryan P’00, GP’16, ’18
Katharine J. Watson


Ticket Supporters

Susan Alfond
Sara Arnon
Susan Jane Rogers Belton ’73 and David Belton ’72
Parker Beverage and Ann Beverage
Jacob Billiar ’13
Bruce Brown
Lee Bujold ’64 and Joseph M. Bujold
Jay E. Cantor
Kathy L. Castonguay ’71
Tom Cattell
Charlie Clark
Alison Coady ’65
Susan F. Conant Cook ’75, P’11
Daphne Cummings P’90
Susan Danly
Bruce C. Drouin ’74 and Janet L. Hansen ’75
Alice Levi Duncan
Annette Elowitch and Robert Elowitch
John Emory and Kay Emory
Eric Hopkins Gallery
Lewis Estabrooks and Ellie Estabrooks
Judith Falk
Debra J. Force
Louise Freedman ’56, P’81
Christopher Gaillard ’90
Duncan Gibson ’83
Douglas Hall ’90
Lisa Hallee ’81
Karen Heck ’74
Mary Ann Hill
Frances Hynes
Gus Kayafas
Matthew Kelley
Lydia Kimball
Gail Ladd and Charles Ladd
Allan Landau ’55, P’84 and Paula Landau P’84
Julia Lo ’14
Angela Lorenz
Lance Mahaney and Patricia Mahaney
Nancy Briggs Marshall ’82, P’15
Suzette McAvoy
Neal McElroy P’13, P’17
Wendy Miller
Thomas J. Morrione ’65, P’93 and Nancy Morrione ’65, P’93
Elizabeth Moss
Jonathan Murphy ’79
Richard Nale and Kathleen Nale
Kenneth Nelson and Mary Nelson
Anna Czechowski O’Keefe ’07 and Brendan T. O’Keefe ’07
Cindy Paradis
Laura Keeler Pierce ’07 and Vassar Pierce
Edward T. Pollack Fine Arts
Michael Pratico P’20, ’22
Yael Reinharz, Surf Point Foundation
Susan Maxwell Reisert ’86 and Joseph Reisert
Richard Gray Gallery
Mark Rosenthal and Laura Rosenthal
Thomas H. Saliba ’67, P’06 and Rita Saliba P’06
Jesse Salisbury ’95 and Kazumi Hoshino
Phyllis Santer and Carl Suchar
Sunne Savage
Gina Sawin P’15, ’18 and Charles Gauvin P’15, ’18
Tobi Leanna Schneider P’03 and Steven Neumeister
Barbara Sullivan
John H. Surovek P’98 and Anne Surovek
Susanna J. Fichera Fine Art
Charles Terrell ’70
Dr. Alex Turbyne and Mary Turbyne
Nicole A. Vanasse P’19 and James Guerra P’19
Liam van Loenen
S.B. Walker
Suzanne Weaver
Carol A. Welch P’88, GP’21
Dudley Zopp



Summer Luncheon Contributions

Sarah Hamilton Barringer ’92
Millard F. Coffin, PhD
William R. Cotter, LL.D. ’00 and Linda K. Cotter, LL.D. ’00
Elliot B. Davis and John S. Paoella
David C. Driskell, D.F.A. ’00 and Thelma Driskell
Hilary Ervin
Nancy Fox and Nicholas Fox
David F. Freeman, Jr. ‘71 and Goldie Freeman
Jerome L. Gillis
Kate Haw
Greg Heins and Karen Haas in honor of Barbara and Ted Alfond
Erica Hirshler and Harry Clark
Jim Kinnealey and Cynthia Hyde
Patricia King
Robin King ’83 and Jack Gondela
Liza Kirwin
Sandra Klimt
Susie Langford and Ed Langford
Bill Layton and Jean Marie Layton
John Lyons ’85 and Susannah Gray
Joan Williams Marshall ’56 and John C. Marshall ’56
Johanna Moore
Rodney Moore
Terrance Murray
Barbara Niblock
Ken Shure and Liv Rockefeller
Earl H. Smith P’85, ’90, GP’19 and Barbara Smith P’85, ’90, GP’19
Mark Taylor ’89
Seth Alexander Thayer ’89
Deborah B. Thurston P’16 and James C. Thurston P’16
Francis H. Williams GP’21 and Keris Salmon
Stephen Wittmann and Holly Wittmann
Kathleen McConaughy Zambello ’56


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