Cello Practice



Colby College offers private music instruction for over 20 instruments, including guitar, piano, voice, and African drums, and is open to students at all performing levels. Our applied music faculty, all professional performers and committed teachers, work together with students to perfect technique, enhance understanding towards the music, and refine aesthetic subtleties, a collaboration that brings to life the history and theory of the classroom.

Lessons are scheduled weekly for either an hour or half hour, and can be taken either with and without academic credit. (Students electing applied music for credit must complete a college-level music theory course, MU153 or MU181, and play a jury).

Lessons for music majors in good standing are subsidized by the College; the fee (2018-19) for non-majors is $605 per semester for hour lessons and $303 for half-hour lessons. Scholarships may be eligible upon application. Lessons are also available during the January short term (JanPlan).


How to Enroll

Spring semester instructions:

Open a new browser window and be sure that you are logged in through your Colby google apps email account.

You must complete the online Applied Music Lesson Application in order to register for music lessons.
Please contact your instructor directly via email for scheduling.



There are a limited number of scholarships available to help with music lessons. Students taking lessons for credit may apply for a scholarship using our online
Scholarship for Applied Music Lesson Form. Eligibility is based primarily upon demonstrated financial need, as verified by the Financial Aid Office.

The deadline for submitting this application is Friday, February 8 at 4:00 pm

* When completing this form please open a new window and be sure that you are logged in through your Colby google apps account.