Each year outstanding students are recognized by a number of annual departmental prizes and awards.

Recent winners are:


Butchart, Liam C. ’19 Collegium Award
Lester, Jake W. ’18 Jazz Band Award
Henderer, Christman D. Orchestra Music Award
Baker, Ava C. ’18 Alma Morissette Music Prize
Ali, Fatimah M. ’19 Chorale Music Award
Lutian, Josua Chad_V. ’18 Ermanno Comparetti Music Award
Hauptman, Tessa J. ’18 Wind Ensemble Award
Butchart, Liam C. ’18 Mollie Seltzer Yett Prize


Jacqueline Betz ’17 Collegium Chamber Singers Prize
William Qin ’17 Symphony Orchestra Prize
Eileen Hopf ’19 Chorale prize
Kellen McDonnell ’17 Wind Ensemble Prize
Michelle Boucher ’17 Jazz Band Prize
Jacqueline Betz ’17 Alma Morrissette Music Prize
Josua Lutian ’17 Ermanno Comparetti Music Prize
Lauren Shirely ’17 Mollie Seltzer Yett ’26 Prize


John Walpuck ’16 & Eileen Hopf ’19 Collegium Chamber Singers Prize
Jacqueline Betz ’17 Symphony Orchestra Prize
Abby Gregory ’19 & Yihong Liu ’16 Chorale prize
Emily Berry ’16 Wind Ensemble Prize
Maggie Chutter ’16 Jazz Band Prize
Olivia Gould’16 Alma Morrissette Music Prize
Jacob Wall ’16 The Comparetti Music Prize
Xueqing Qiao ’16 Mollie Seltzer Yett Prize


Jacqueline E. Betz ’17 & Caroline R. Tegeler ’16 Collegium Chamber Singers Prize
Alicia E. Fawcett ’15 Symphony Orchestra Prize
Anne B. Friedrich ’15 & Sarah Beth Solomon ’15 Chorale prize
Andrew L. Clevenger ’15 Wind Ensemble Prize
Sean P. Madigan ’15 & Carlvin J. Sanon ’15 Jazz Band Prize
Liam J. Connell ’15 Alma Morrissette Music Prize
Jane E. Allen ’15 The Comparetti Music Prize
Zachariah K. Eslami ’15 Mollie Seltzer Yett Prize


Elizabeth G. Gorence ’14 Collegium Chamber Singers Prize
Ariella B. Gintzler ’14 Symphony Orchestra Prize
John J. Walpuck, IV Chorale prize
Laura R. Parris ’14 Wind Ensemble Prize
Devin E. Gibbs ’14 Jazz Band Prize
Camille R. Gross ’14 Alma Morrissette Music Prize
Brian D. Doolittle ’14 The Comparetti Music Prize
Lucas C. Martin ’14 Mollie Seltzer Yett Prize


Siya U. Hegde ’13 Collegium Chamber Singers Prize
Mariel J. Lambrukos ’13 & Claire A. Herbig ’13 Symphony Orchestra Prize
Kendall A. Hatch ’13 Chorale prize
Elizabeth J. Malone ’13 Wind Ensemble Prize
Chelsea A. Nickerson ’13 Jazz Band Prize
Noah J. Teachey ’13 Alma Morrissette Music Prize
William H. Norton ’13 The Comparetti Music Prize
Kendall A. Hatch ’13 Mollie Seltzer Yett ’26 Prize in Humanitie


Allison E. Emery ’12 Collegium Chamber Singers Prize
Ariella B. Gintzler ’14 Symphony Orchestra Prize
Lauren D. McCrary ’12 & Arya J. Moallem ’12 Chorale prize
Martha M. Witick ’12 Wind Ensemble Prize
David H. Wollin ’12 Jazz Band Prize
James G. Lasher ’12 Alma Morrissette Music Prize
Jesse M. Goldman ’12 The Comparetti Music Prize
Allison E. Emery ’12 Mollie Seltzer Yett ’26 Prize in Humanitie


Geraldine Morris ’11 Collegium Chamber Singers Prize
Celia Friedman Cowen ’11 & Kevin Baier ’11 Symphony Orchestra Prize
Geraldine Morris ’11 and Michael Clark ’11 Chorale prize
Dustin Hickey ’11 Wind Ensemble Prize
Rhiannon Ledwell ’12 Jazz Band Prize
Ryoko Ogasawara ’11 Alma Morrissette Music Prize
Kevin Baier ’11 The Comparetti Music Prize
Qainat Khan ’11 Mollie Seltzer Yett ’26 Prize in Humanitie