The Music Department is offering the following dynamic courses that will immerse you in the world of Music.

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MU114J Jazz Improvisation

Eric Thomas TWRF 10:00am-12:30pm Bixler Band Rm 219

Basic jazz theory and improvisation, including melody-, scalar-, modal-, and chord-based improvisation. Introduction to arranging for jazz groups and interactions between soloists and background musicians; jazz style and performance practices. Includes semiprivate instruction and performances in large groups and smaller combos. Listening assignments include jazz greats. Instrumentalists and vocalists welcome. Prerequisite: Ability to sing or play major scales. Three credit hours.

​MU118J African Music

Jordan Benissan ​MTWR 12:25pm-3:15pm Bixler Given Aud. Rm 178

An introduction to the music of Africa, an integral and defining aspect of the culture of Africa. Hands-on experience with various instruments (e.g., drums, rattles, bells), as well as singing and dancing, to provide important insights into the cultures of Africa. Various African music themes will be explored through films and recordings. Culminates in a final performance by the class. Nongraded. Three credit hours.

MU121J Entartete Musik

Philip Silver TWRF 1:00pm-3:30pm Bixler Rm 154

“Degenerate Music” was the term Nazis applied to any music influenced by jazz, the avant-garde, or written by composers of Jewish descent. This music was banned, its composers driven into exile and/or murdered in concentration camps, creating a lost generation that altered the direction of 20th-century musical development. Now there is a worldwide effort to find a historical place for these artists, and this course contributes to that effort. Topics include German anti-Semitism, anti-Semitic thought in works of Wagner, Nazi racial laws targeting Jewish musicians, official agencies and cultural policies, performers and composers as victims and survivors. Three credit hours.

MU218J Graphic Design Music

Gordon Jee TWF 1:00pm-4pm Bixler Library Computer Lab Rm 132

Seeing, Then Hearing: Graphic Design for the Music Industry While it may seem counterintuitive, visual attraction is a central concern in the business of music. Getting music to the attention of the widest possible audience demands an increasingly refined, international visual fluency. We will look at and listen to well-known releases with an eye to the differences in the visual publicity and packaging in the European, Asian, and American markets for albums by Katy Perry, the Rolling Stones, Kanye West, and Kiss. Students will use readings in world and art history, ethnomusicology, and cultural theory, and hands-on work with Adobe Photoshop to formulate and debate answers to a number of complex multicultural design problems. Previously listed as Music 297J.

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