Due to the remote learning situation that transpired this spring for our students, their live performance recitals were not able to take place. Thankfully our students were able to take on this challenge, continue their lessons, and record some really wonderful performances to share with our music community. We hope you do enjoy!


Senior Recitals and Individual Projects/Performances

Sam Barry ’20 Senior Recital – Piano and Voice


RaQuion Braxton ’20 Senior Recital – Voice


Yitong “Thomas” Deng ’20, Piano, Chopin Concerto No.2, Mvt.3

  • As winner of the ’19/’20 Annual Concerto Competition, Thomas was to play this work in the final orchestra concerts of the year. In this video, Thomas recorded the solo piano part and added the orchestra textures using MIDI technology.

Yitong “Thomas” Deng ’20, Piano, Prokofiev Sonata No. 7 Op. 83 in B flat Major, Mvt 3


Alex Koeck-Schultz ’20 Honors Flute Recital – Lecture

A Hitherto Unknown 18th-century English Recorder Manuscript: Gender and Performance Practice in Add. Ms. 34,204

  • Alexandra shares some of the fascinating discoveries she’s made about this seemingly unpretentious manuscript, interspersed with performances of works from the manuscript from modern editions that she’s prepared.

Karl Lackner, ’22, Spring 2020 Project

  • Karl Lackner playing Trumpet, Piano, Keyboard, Guitar
  • Minority, Blues for Alice, The Days of Wine and Roses, Bluesette, Beautiful Love, Stella by Starlight
  • Karl used a MIDI keyboard to play the upright bass and recorded acoustic guitar chops as the rhythm section to simulate the rest of the combo.


Charles Parham ’20, Senior Project – Piano

Rayne Wang ’20, Senior Project – Piano

Nora Yan ’20 Senior Recital – Piano


Studio Recitals

Colby Music 2020 Piano Studio Recital – Students of Y. Lily Funahashi

Samantha Barry ’20
Yitong “Thomas” Deng ’20
Tessali Hogan ’22
Karl Lackner ’22
Qingyang Mu ’20
Ananya Pani ’23
Charles Parham ’20
Cheshta Prasad ’22
Saam Rasool ‘22
Katerina Tanasijevic ’22
Luka Villani ’23
Rayne Wang ’20
Nora Yan ’20
Liuqingqing Yang ’21
Julie You ’23
Lijing Jiang


Colby Music Spring 2020 Piano Studio Recital – Students of Joann Westin

Qifan Hu ’23
Muxin Li ’22
Steve Li ’22


Colby Music Spring 2020 Piano Studio Recital – Students of Christina Spurling

Derek Zapata ’21


Colby Music Spring 2020 Violin Studio Recital – Students of Jinwook Park

Amanda Deming ’20
Esther Kim ’22
Minji Ko ’21
Julia Lancia ’22
Crystal Lee ’20
Phoebe Sander ’22


Colby Music Spring 2020 Violin Studio Recital – Students of Sascha Zaburdaeva

Nora Yan ’20


Colby Music Spring 2020 Voice Area Recital

Branden Brown ’23
Corrigan Farnham ’23
Ingrid Farrell ’23
Kevin Fong ’22
Ben Lawlor ’22
Crystal Lee ’20
Muxin Li ’22
Vincent Li ’23
Di Luo ’22
Cora Merrick ’21
Qingyang Mu ’20
Katherine O’Brien ’23
Chloe Simms ’23
Cornelia (Zixuan) Wang ’22
Nora (Yi) Yan ’20


MU213 Final Project – Algorave Live Coding

MU213 Algorave Live Coding

Izge Bayyurt ’22
Skye Rhomberg ’22
Paul Hawkins ’21
Sally Simpson ’21
Caitie O’Sullivan ’20
Livia Stanger ’20
Matthew Maring ’22
Chido Mpofu ’20
Samantha Arsenault ’20
Cassidy Correll ’22
Robert Durst ’20
Skye Rhomberg ’22 & Sally Simpson ’21
Madiha Molani ’20


MU182 Music Theory Through Composition II

Luka Villani, ’23, Sonatina