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Thank you for being a volunteer for the Colby Fund and welcome to the Mule Volunteer Portal (MVP). During your volunteer work on behalf of Colby, you may be asked to handle confidential information regarding the assets, attitudes and contributions of Colby constituents. You may also acquire inside information about Colby's finances and fund raising.

We have asked you to volunteer because we trust in your abilities, including your ability to keep privileged information in the strictest confidence.

The following is a list of conditions and standards for all who volunteer on behalf of the Colby Fund. Please read this carefully, and check the box at the bottom of this webpage to indicate your compliance with the policy. Colby reserves the right to ask volunteers who have violated the terms of this agreement to step down from their volunteer position.

The content of all conversations and the information that is accessed while volunteering on behalf of the Colby Fund is strictly confidential and may only be recounted, either verbally or in print, to appropriate Colby employees or volunteers on a need to know basis. Sharing information outside the confines of the Colby Fund requires approval by the Director of Annual Giving. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Contact information (phonathon and/or MVP sheets/screens including biographic and giving information, conversations)
  • Special event contacts (campaign kickoffs, volunteer events, meetings, conversations)
  • Printed materials (appeals, communiques, correspondence)

You may also be asked to gather gift payment information on behalf of the Colby Fund, including credit card numbers and e-checking information, which fall within the rules stated above. After gathering this information we ask that you convey this information through a secure means (not e-mail) immediately to the Colby Fund and destroy any paper or electronic record you may have made.

    I certify that I have read the volunteer confidentiality and standards of conduct statement for the Colby Fund and agree to abide by these policies.
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