In the May issue of Educational Leadership, Education Professor Adam Howard writes about the frustrations he faced as a teacher of privileged, affluent secondary students, many of whom “assumed that they were better than people who lived in
poverty and that they deserved their life and schooling advantages.”

His article, “Unlearning the Lessons of Privilege,” recently was selected for the Marshall Memo, a weekly syndicated memo for K-12 educators summarizing articles that have the greatest potential to improve teaching, leadership, and learning.

In the article Howard describes boorish behavior by private school students who
responded to their team losing a basketball game by jangling the keys to
their expensive cars and jeering opponents saying “You’ll work for us
later” and “… and clean my house.”

Howard, associate professor of education at Colby, is the author of Learning Privilege: Lessons of power and identity in affluent schooling (Routledge, 2008).