We understand that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has sent out an action alert regarding allegations of Colby College students swallowing live goldfish. While we do not have any direct evidence that such a practice is going on, we are dismayed by the notion that students may be participating in such a cruel and misguided activity.

“Doghead,” the event at which this alleged behavior occurs, is loosely and informally organized by students and is in no way sanctioned or sponsored by the College. That said, Colby students are expected to comply with the Code of Student Conduct and are subject to disciplinary action if they do not.

In an effort to express our support of PETA’s request for Colby students to cease this activity, the Dean of Students will communicate directly with the student body about the concerns PETA has raised, making it clear that swallowing live goldfish is unsafe and at odds with Colby’s institutional values.