Two major reports on climate intervention (formerly known as geoengineering) released Feb. 10 by the National Academies of Sciences made international news by recommending limited testing of intervention strategies.

Professor of Science, Technology, and Society James R. Fleming is one of 16 scholars and scientists on the committee that authored the reports and the only committee member from a liberal arts institution.

The reports stressed that “climate intervention is not a replacement for reducing carbon emissions” and that “proposed intervention techniques are not ready for wide-scale deployment.” 

Fleming said the report was a consensus of the committee members, and that he stressed the history of climate intervention efforts, taking a cautionary tone in the report, and reconsidering some of the terminology around the subject. Fleming is the author of the award-winning book Fixing the Sky: The Checkered History of Weather and Climate Control (2010, Columbia University Press.)

A sampling of widespread press coverage of the reports is on the Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment website.