Sahan T. Dissanayake, assistant professor of economics, recently published or has forthcoming four articles in a variety of journals and a book project. Several of the articles have Colby students as coauthors. His recent publications:

“Policies with varying costs and benefits: A land conservation classroom game,” with  S. Jacobson, in the Journal of Economic Education.

“Preferences for marine protection in Okinawa: A comparison of management options and two groups of beneficiaries,” with P. Shah, Nils Carlson ’15, Y. Fujita,  and P. A. L. D. Nunes, in the Handbook on the Economics and Management for Sustainable Oceans, UN Environment Program and Edward Elgar.

“A Dynamic Simulation/Optimization Model For Scheduling Restoration Of Degraded Military Training Lands,” with H. Önal, P. Woodford, S. Tweddale, J. Westervelt, M. Chen, and G. Pitois, in the Journal of Environmental Management.

“Optimal Design of Compact and Contiguous Conservation Management Areas,” with H. Onal, Y. Wang, and J. D. Westervelt, in the European Journal of Operational Research.