Hello there Colby College Class of 2020!

My name is Syd Abrams, and I am the Student Coordinator for the Lives of Purpose (LoP) program here on campus – a partnership between the Colby Volunteer Center and the Office of Religious & Spiritual Life.

When coming to Colby, I was interested in developing and sustaining a meaningful, balanced and fulfilling college career. My vision of this included being a good student, volunteering, developing my beliefs, and thinking critically about our world today.

Transitioning to college can be tough, but with a group like LoP, it makes it a bit easier. LoP is a group that allows for first-years to connect with peers easily and early on. Together we build relationships with each other, faculty members, and community partners. We have the opportunity to discuss important issues during our weekly dinners and volunteer at the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter.

LoP offers a chance, from day one, to get involved in the community, meet great people, and have important conversations. It’s open to incoming students of any or no tradition, those experienced in volunteering and those new. All we ask for is an interest in local service and a desire to build community around big questions. If you want this to be part of your Colby experience, I encourage you to apply.

You will be faced with a lot of challenges and opportunities in the coming year; I suggest you say yes, try new things, and keep your heart and mind open to the unknown.

I invite you to learn more and apply at www.colby.edu/spiritual. First application intake on July 15th.

Have a great summer and see you soon!

Syd Abrams ‘17
Lives of Purpose Student Coordinator

P.S. Reach out to me at sabrams@colby.edu if you have questions. Or be in touch with our advisor, Kurt Nelson, Dean of Religious & Spiritual life at kdnelson@colby.edu anytime.