Kenan Professor of Government L. Sandy Maisel has an op-ed in the Aug. 19 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette titled “The Trump Phenomenon,” on Trump’s statements about a rigged system. “The danger is that Mr. Trump will convince his followers that the system defeated him,” Maisel writes. “And that may have serious consequences for our democracy.” On Aug. 21 a Boston Globe op-ed, “What’s left of the right after Trump,” includes insight by Maisel about Trump’s effect on the Republican Party. “When he speaks for Republicans, he makes statements they think reflect badly on them,” Maisel said. “The result is that there are tensions in the Republican Party that didn’t exist before.’’ And in the Aug. 28 Bangor Daily News, Maisel’s op-ed explains ranked-choice voting and summarizes studies of the system that Mainers will vote on it this November.