The Colby Liberal Arts Symposium is a celebration of student scholarship and achievement. Each year, the Colby community comes together to recognize and celebrate students’ many forms of scholarly engagement. Last year, more than 750 different students (from virtually every department and program) presented or performed their work.

The events this year will begin with Arts@CLAS, a celebration of the arts held Wednesday evening, April 26, in the Colby Museum of Art. The museum will resonate with music, poetry, language readings, visual arts, and dance. Family friendly activities and open studios are also scheduled.

On Thursday, classes will be canceled so that faculty, staff, and students can attend presentations and poster sessions all day. CLAS will also feature a set of Wild Card sessions–with interdisciplinary topics and creative formats. Additionally, the Phi Beta Kappa speech contest will include six finalists delivering their speeches at Noon; and CLAS Highlights will be an end-of-day celebration featuring four speakers nominated by their divisions.

As an extension of CLAS, the final two weeks of the term will also include Open CLAS sessions, open to all, during regular class times.

CLAS 2017 by the numbers:

  • Overall totals: 85 sessions, 428 presentations (633 presenters), 242 posters (392 presenters); more than 632 separate students present or perform as part of CLAS.
  • Thursday CLAS: 57 sessions, 241 presentations (303 presenters), 144 posters (285 presenters)
  • Arts@CLAS: 28 sessions, 103 presentations/performances, 197 presenters/performers
  • Open CLAS (sessions during the final two weeks of the term): 13 presentation sessions, 84 presentations (133 presenters), 7 poster sessions, 98 posters (107 presenters)