Two research teams led by Whipple-Coddington Professor of Geology Robert Gastaldo have recently had manuscripts published. One manuscript, in which Gastaldo took the lead, was published in PALAIOS (v. 32, p. 349-366) and titled “Paleontology Of The Blaauwater 67 And 65 Farms, South Africa: Testing The Daptocephalus/Lystrosaurus Biozone Boundary In A Stratigraphic Framework.” The full paper can be read here.

The second paper has Jiawen (June ) Li ’16 as the senior author. The paper is based on her senior honors thesis project with Gastaldo during the 2015-16 academic year following field work in South Africa during a Jan Plan. The paper, “Siltstones Across the Daptocephalus (Dicynodon) and Lystrosaurus Assemblage Zones, Karoo Basin, South Africa, Show No Evidence for Aridification,” appears in the Journal of Sedimentary Research (v. 87, p. 653-671) and can be read here.