Associate Professor of Psychology Melissa Glenn and Medical Director Paul Berkner were among the authors of a paper titled “New method to induce mild traumatic brain injury in rodents produces differential outcomes in female and male Sprague Dawley rats,” which appears in the October issue of the Journal of Neuroscience Methods. Peter Wirth ’16 was the lead author, and Waylin Yu ’15 and Jennifer Liao ’15 were coauthors. The paper comes from work done in Colby’s Behavioral Neuroscience Lab in conjunction with the Maine Concussion Management Initiative.

The authors’ “new model for inducing mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) in rodents entails acceleration of the animal toward a stationary impact zone to produce rapid rotational movement of the head. The aim of the present experiment was to characterize the effects of this injury in female and male rats on behavior, cognition, and neural plasticity,” an abstract in the journal reports.